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USA / Canada Upload! September 20th 2016

Last night I got home pretty late after being out all day.  I tried posting the updates when I got home but was falling asleep.  So sorry for the late post!  In my defense I walked about 11 miles. We have a lot of oversized tops that were uploaded which really doesn't interest me.  Oversized tops never look good on my petite frame.   I am interested in the new Pace Rival Crops and Speed Shorts though.  Did you guys get anything? Speed Short in Mini Diffusion (I'm thinking about ordering these) Flow Y Bra in Mini Trax Deep Green Essential Rhythm Bra in Emperor Blue (catering to those who like the lingerie look?) Essential Rhythm Bra Essential Rhythm Crop in Diffusion Love Scoop Long Sleeve in Heathered Emperor Blue Ambleside Crew Short Sleeve in Heathered Alberta Lake Define Jacket in Teeny Tooth Deep Fuchsia   Nonstop Jacket in Inkwell (this is kind of nice) Essential Rhythm Pant in Deep Green High Times Pant R