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Fit Review- Lululemon TechLoom Phantom Shoe Glow in the Dark

I was curious about these running shoes only because they were glow in the dark. I wanted to know how well they really glowed. I purchased a size 5 but I probably should have gotten the 5.5 to allow thicker socks. I could get these on with thin socks but they were really snug around the ankle and I can see how some might not even be able to get their foot all the way in if you have wide feet.  It wasn't very comfortable at all to wear. I also didn't really like how the shoe laces came out from the inside of the shoe.  TechLoom Phantom Shoe  Glow in the Dark It kind of didn't make sense and I couldn't figure out how to tie them properly. The instructions said you can thread them through the hole inside the shoe but I couldn't figure it out. The shoe laces are really long, so I couldn't see where you can tuck them inside the shoe? Didn't make any sense to me at all. And tying them from the inside made them sit uncomfortably on the

Fit Review Nike Free RN 2017

Nike Free RN 2017 It's Monday already and super dreary in Atlanta. Pouring rain and the sun doesn't even rise until 8 am. That said, hope everyone had a great weekend!  So I bought these Nike Free RN 2017 on a whim. I don't need another pair of running sneakers, I already have a few. Browsing their sale section I came across these and loved the color. They're just as vibrant and cool looking in real life as they do on the computer monitor. Price? They're on sale and under $100.  $84.97 to be exact.  Fit- my true size is a 5.5 in Nike sneakers and these fit snug with a pair of thin socks. If you prefer wearing thick socks I would size up at least half a size. Unfortunately I only had these on my feet for about a minute. The shoe where there is ankle cushion is cut higher than I normally like and these ended up rubbing against my ankle bone. I went over the reviews and only one other reviewer mentioned this issue, so I may be in the minority with t