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Fit Request! Align Short 8 Inch Diamond Dye & Wrap Front Mock Neck Crop Short Sleeve

First day of March! I love new months. It's like a clean slate to start something new and especially with spring coming, I'm so looking forward to warmer weather and being able to go outside a little more. Today I have a couple of new items I've never reviewed before.  For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms. Align Short Diamond Dye Violet Verbena 8" Size 4 Also wearing In Alignment Bra  Size 6 and Catch A Breath Hoodie-  similar here . I'm wearing my normal size 4 in Align bottoms. Fit is true to size. The print is a gorgeous diamond dye violet verbena/graphite gray. It's currently only available in very few sizes but I actually really want to get the 6 inche diamond dye graphite gray . Anyhow, the 8 inch length is definitely long on my short legs. They hit a couple of inches above my knees. They remind me of biker shorts. I actually don't mind the length but maybe it's because I really love the

Fit Review Friday! Target All In Motion Activewear

Happy Friday! I can't believe it's going to be March in 3 days. This year is already 1/6th over. We're also coming up on one year working from home. At least for me. I hope you're all doing well, or as well as can be and hopefully there will be some light at the end of this year when this go back to mostly normal. In the meantime I'll keep coming up with reviews for you guys! I know some of you, including myself are on a low buy for the year. I'm being super picky about what I'm keeping these days. I have to weigh the cost and ask myself, how often will I actually use this item? It makes me stop when I see the price of a Scuba Hoodie at $118-$128. Ouch, right? On my once a week excursions to Target I passed by a stack of hoodies. I couldn't resist touching it to see how it felt. I was so surprised at how soft it felt, that I had to try it. That is how we came upon this post. I'm reviewing three different hoodies from Target.  For reference I'm 4

Upload! February 23rd 2021

Alright, another upload! New color in the full zip but not a color I want. So far nothing for me. Let me know if there is something you're looking to see a fit review of. I have one item in my cart, if there's anything else let me know in the comments!  Scuba Oversized Full Zip Desert Sun Align Tank Gathered Front C/D Dark Terracotta Align Tank Le Tigre Camo Deep Coal Energy Bra Concertina White Beyond The Studio Jogger Rosemary Green Wunder Train High Rise Crop 21" Water Drop Tracker Short 4" Sporadic Black Rhino Gray Hotty Hot Short High Rise 4" Chroma Fusion (That's definitely wild!) All Yours Tee Rosemary Green Swiftly Racerback Lavender Dew Swiftly SS Race Length Guava Pink Airwrap Crew Desert Sun Gross Trim Run 1/2 Zip Long Sleeve Rhino Gray Back In Action LS Grape Thistle Swiftly SS Pink Punch (Pink punch is definitely too bright for me.) Airwrap Pullover Hoodie Pink Punch It's A Tie Tee Pink Mist Beyond The Studio Crop Water Drop Flow Y Bra Le Tig