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Hellooooo September!

I loooove September.  It's the promise of fall, and fall is my favorite season.  I used to live in New York and spent a lot of time in Boston.  Fall in the northeast is pretty magical.  It's the changing of the leaves, the chilly temperatures that bring out the cutest outfits.  I would pull out my hats, my scarves and cute jackets with boots and stomp around on some leaves.  This year I'm in Atlanta and I don't know if I'll experience the same kind of thing here.  I know it won't get super cold in the winter which I am grateful for but I'm wondering what the fall season will be like. Fall fashion is the best.  Which brings me to this post.  Yesterday, I got an email from Athleta and I know a lot of Lululemon fans aren't a fan of Athleta.  I do however think Athleta is stepping things up a bit.  From the email I received, there are two pieces I am dying to see in person.  I mean, how cute is this outfit?  If you're new to Athleta use my referral lin