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Unicorns Everywhere!

I'm so happy I live in a time where unicorns are popular again. As an 80s child I was crazy about My Little Pony and have been obsessed with unicorns ever since. So forgive me as I indulge in my childhood obsession just a little bit. I'm 37 years old but I'm still a kid at heart! S'well Bottle Magic S'well just released their limited edition Pop collection and when I saw the rainbow unicorn it was a I must have it moment. I mean seriously, Rainbow Brite anyone?  Then last year Werkshop released their Unicorn leggings which I also had to buy. It was hard trying to decide between full length or crop. Part of me still wants the full length version.  Werkshop Unicorn I'm not going to lie, if I didn't already have a nearly new yoga mat, I would have bought this Unicorn mat. Sigh. I still want it! It's just perfection! Werkshop Unicorn Yoga Mat Besides obsessing over unicorns, I'm also slightly addicted to bag charms.