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Upload! April 30th 2019

Not much interests me from tonight's upload, mainly because not much of it is petite friendly. In other news, I finally got my Lululemon order today. I'll have a review up most likely on Monday. The Everyday Skirt  hits below my knees and isn't very flattering on my body. I think this would look best on someone who is taller and has a boyish figure. Anything for you? What do you think of tonight's upload? Is there anything you would like to see a review of? Get Going Dress Red Dust In Depth Jacket Lace Light Chrome Above The Clouds Jacket Dark Chrome Hood Lite Jacket Juniper On The Fly Pant Woven Track Stripe Early Extension High Rise Tight Heathered Fools Gold (pretty color! I used to have a bag this color.) Wanderer Wide Leg Pant True Navy Wanderer Jogger Black Early Extension High Rise Crop Heathered Plum Shadow (I actually really like how these look.) Wunder Under Crop Roll Down Scallop Smoky Blush Wandere

First Ever Athleta Warehouse Sale!

Just got this in my inbox, Athleta is having their first ever warehouse sale and it is worth checking out but sizes are going fast, especially the small ones. I'm still looking through it. Let me know if you end up getting anything!

Out of This World!

How was everyone's weekend? I managed to see Endgame and survived that. I thought it was good! However it is 3.5 hours long including previews. I'm not sure I can sit through that again. It went by fast, but it is long! Also just finished watching tonight's episode of Game of Thrones! OMG that was way more intense than Endgame. Also hard to watch, not sure I can sit through it for a second viewing. It was brutal. 😭 So with that, I want to show you a couple of my most prized possessions. I love beautiful things and want to share two of my favorite mugs that I use everyday. I asked my husband, what should the title be for this post? His reply, "Things my husband doesn't want me spending money on." 😂 By the way, this is not a sponsored post. I just love supporting small businesses and artists. This is a cosmic mug. It's pretty amazing. The artist is Joel Cherrico. My coworker introduced me to his artwork, and I eventually bought my fi

Fit Review Friday! Athleta Nirvana Wear Two Ways Wrap & Sculptek Skinny Jean Carbon Wash

Happy Friday! So glad it's finally the weekend. I have been waiting for this specific weekend for quite some time. My husband and I are going to see Endgame at midnight. Yes we are that crazy. The movie is 3.5 hours long is what I hear. I'll be home around 4 am in the morning. I'm already planning on napping when I get home from work so I will be able to stay awake during the movie. Then on Sunday we have Game Of Thrones!!! I'm looking forward to this battle at Winterfell. I'm going to be devastated if certain characters die.  Back to the review! I have for you Athleta's Nirvana Wear Two Ways Wrap . For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops which translates to size XXS or PXS in Athleta.  Nirvana Wear Two Ways Wrap  Size XXS Spring Night  I was interested in this wrap to see if it was something I could wear to the office. The stock photo on the website made it look like it might have worked but sadly I thin

Upload! April 23rd 2019

Another boring upload. The only thing I'm mildly interested in is the  Everyday Skirt . It most likely will be too long and not flattering for us petites. I wonder if my lack of enthusiasm stems from having way too much Lululemon clothes that nothing looks new and exciting anymore? Let me know if you purchased anything and if there's anything you want to see a review of! When there is nothing that interests me at Lululemon I tend to start looking at Athleta, which seems to be happening more and more lately. The Everyday Skirt True Navy (I wonder if this is any way petite friendly? Skirts can be iffy on me. I'm guessing these will end around my shin... probably not flattering.) Cool Racerback Heathered Graphite Purple Cross It Off Tank Heathered Graphite Purple Breeze By SS Squad Cascade Blue Cut Class Jacket Washed Blue Moon (I wish I liked this, but it just looks kind of cheaply made.) Easy Going Jacket Heathered Silverscreen (This remi