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Out of This World!

How was everyone's weekend? I managed to see Endgame and survived that. I thought it was good! However it is 3.5 hours long including previews. I'm not sure I can sit through that again. It went by fast, but it is long! Also just finished watching tonight's episode of Game of Thrones! OMG that was way more intense than Endgame. Also hard to watch, not sure I can sit through it for a second viewing. It was brutal. 😭

So with that, I want to show you a couple of my most prized possessions. I love beautiful things and want to share two of my favorite mugs that I use everyday. I asked my husband, what should the title be for this post? His reply, "Things my husband doesn't want me spending money on." 😂

By the way, this is not a sponsored post. I just love supporting small businesses and artists.

This is a cosmic mug. It's pretty amazing. The artist is Joel Cherrico. My coworker introduced me to his artwork, and I eventually bought my first piece soon after, a cosmic mug. I've had this mug for over a year now. I paid $125 for it. A lot of people balk at his prices which I totally understand. Why buy a $125 mug when you can go to Target and buy one for $5? I'll argue that the cosmic mug is a piece of artwork. It's made by hand, and it isn't mass produced. Each one is unique. The colors and the glazing and the amount of time he's put into each one really shows. These photos really do not do it justice. 

His prices have gone up since I bought my cosmic mug, but if you're patient he does have coupons and there's a sale going on now for Mother's Day. Last Christmas I asked my husband to buy me a moon mug. Joel's moon mugs are just gorgeous and I wanted one but couldn't afford to pay his full price of $495. He eventually had Christmas sale and my husband bought one for 60% off. I am really lucky to own one of these. 

I particularly really like the thumb pad. 

I drink out of his mugs every single day. I feel super lucky to be able to experience Joel's artwork. Maybe next Christmas I'll ask for a Mountain Mug!

What do you think? Is it crazy to drink out of a $500 mug? I will say I am super careful with my mugs. I definitely don't keep them around when my cats are tearing up the place!