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Top 14 Bomber Jackets!

Ever since Lululemon released their Non Stop Bomber Jacket , I've been obsessed with finding the perfect one. I wanted to see what other options there were from other brands before I pulled the trigger. I literally spent a whole day looking at hundreds of different bomber jackets. This is my curated list of bomber jackets narrowed down to my top fourteen. Non Stop Bomber Jacket Reversible $128 Now before I start, here is a little bit of information about the bomber jacket. These jackets were originally worn by military pilots. Back in World War I the pilots needed something to keep them warm while flying, since airplanes back then were not yet enclosed. Remember that? Eventually, it became popular to wear as everyday apparel. I know that a bomber jacket is a trend. How do I know this? Because I wore one when I was in high school except we called them flight jackets. Mine was black and silky with an orange lining. I pretty much wore it to death. So, given that this is a tre