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What We Love is No More

Which is very sad, I always looked forward to this on Fridays.  Well, I'll do my best to fill in the space with fit reviews...  stay tuned.

What We Love! May 6th 2016

Not crazy about any of the items listed this week.  But I've done enough damage already so maybe that's a good thing!  Hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy Mother's Day!

What We Love! April 29th 2016

Next week's upload will be our first look into their Summer season.  Hopefully there will be more appealing items posted than on WWL.  I may like the Free Spirit Shorts if they came out with better color/prints.

What We Love! April 22nd 2016

The only thing I really like this week is the Sunset Savasana Pullover II.  The purple looks so soft and pretty.  Not sure if it's something I would actually use though!

What We Love! April 15th 2016

I'm most excited for the Align Crop, but I hope they come in more colors other than Rosewood. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

What We Love! April 8th 2016

Next Tuesday we will be seeing a lot of Making Moves pieces.  I can't say I'm a huge fan of this collection.  None of it really interests me.  Maybe the shorts?  I'm kind of bummed the Blurry Belle Speed Shorts already sold out!  Bah!

What We Love! April 1st 2016

I'm on the road at the moment making our way down to Atlanta.  This is also my second time using the Blogger app, so I'm unsure how large the photos will be.  This week I'm pretty excited about the Align Pant and matching Define Jacket in Deep Zinfandel. I'm unsure about the Cool Racerback. Should probably pass anyway, don't need another tank!  What do you guys think of this weeks WWL?

What We Love! March 24th 2016

Sorry for the late update.  I've been frantically packing for the big move to Atlanta.  My updates on the blog will be sporadic until we are fully settled into our new home.  Right now I'm sitting in a mostly empty apartment.  The POD we ordered is packed and already on its way down to Atlanta.  We will be making our way by car and our cat by next week.  Hope you all have a Happy Easter! So this week the only thing I might be interested in is the High Times Pant in Zinfandel.  I'll have to try it on and see.  I do love the High Times Pant over the Wunder Unders.

What We Love! March 18th 2016

This week is interesting.  I'm not crazy about the Precision Jacket because of the lack of collar.  I really like the Sage Scarf mainly because it looks like a cross between a blanket and a cape.  I'd like to see it in a different color or pattern though.

What We Love! March 11th 2016

Official photos of their Lucent collection is posted for this week's WWL.  Of all four pieces I think the jacket is the nicest one.

What We Love! March 4th 2016

Ah, finally!  Something I actually like this week!  I'll be looking forward to the Swiftly LS although it looks a lot like my heathered dashing purple.  The Restore Wrap is pretty from the front, but I'm not digging the back of it.  The new Cool Racerback print looks very promising and I'll even take a pair of the High Times in hero blue since I missed out on the Align pants in inkwell.  Bring it on Tuesday!

What We Love! February 26th 2016

Sorry for the late post.  Last night we celebrated my grandma's 90th birthday so I am back in New York for a week, and I just got all four of my wisdom teeth pulled today.  My mouth is currently numb and I can't feel my lower half of my face at all.  I'm just praying I'm not in too much pain later! It looks like swim wear is making it's way even though I'm currently freezing in NY, and have no desire to get in a bathing suit anytime soon.  Two more days left for my ban.

What We Love! February 19th 2016

Looks like they may discontinue In the Flow Crops soon?  They have a new successor called Flow & Go Crop coming out next week.  I am a big fan of In the Flow Crops, so I don't know how I feel about these new ones coming in.  The length looks longer and I really like the In the Flow Crops because of the shorter length.  What do you guys think?

What We Love! February 12th 2016

This week is all about running in the rain.  I hate the rain, so you will not find me running in it, ever.  Kudos to everyone who can run in the rain, snow, ice, sleet.  I just won't do it.  The 5 mile LS is pretty but looks super thin.  Also not crazy about the stripes on the CRB.  Hopefully this will be another easy week for me!

What We Love! February 5th 2016

Not crazy about the Capoeira print.  So I think this will be an easy week.  Day 5 into Frugal February and it's looking good.  How is everyone doing?

What We Love! January 29th 2016

Tuesday's upload will start the Spring collection which is inspired by the colors of Brazil.  Hmm.... makes me think I won't really like any of it.  But we shall see.  This week I purchased a What The Sport Tee which I really love,  however I think the heathered boom juice is a bit too bright for my tastes.  I would prefer berry rumble instead or red grape.  Also in 3 days I start my serious ban for the month of February.  I'm going to be super frugal for 28 days.  You can all join me if you like and we can be miserable together!

What We Love! January 22nd 2016

Looks like this week will be a small upload and February will start the Spring collection.  I normally do not buy a lot of clothing during the Spring and Summer, it gives my wallet a break.  I'm more of a Fall/Winter girl in terms of clothing.  For this week I'm mostly interested in the Pleat To Street Hoodie.  I'm a sucker for hoodies, even though I really don't need another one!