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What We Love! April 8th 2016

Next Tuesday we will be seeing a lot of Making Moves pieces.  I can't say I'm a huge fan of this collection.  None of it really interests me.  Maybe the shorts?  I'm kind of bummed the Blurry Belle Speed Shorts already sold out!  Bah!


  1. Don't worry the Blurry Belle Speed Shorts are in US stores as of Thursaday evening:o)

  2. I tried the Blurry Belle Speed Shorts yesterday! Love them, but could not justify as I had bought the Rio Speed Shorts (I love Monet!) a week ago and the Dottie Eyelet Speed Shorts (with a gold back zipper) on WMTM this week. So hard to say no,
    esp since I love non distinct floral prints.
    Congrats on your move. Atlanta is so different than Boston & NYC.
    Luv your blog...thanks

    1. Hi Rcola! I went to the store yesterday and found the Blurry Belle Shorts. I liked them but I think I love the Rio Nights more? Atlanta is very different than what I'm used to, but the weather is so nice, it is worth the move. Thanks for reading my blog!


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