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Review! Mulberry Mini Alexa in Oak & Prada Fairy Bag!

I'm so ready for my mini road trip! I forgot to mention that I'm heading to Panama City Beach for a long weekend with my husband. I'm long overdue for some R&R. I also want to take a trip to visit my family in New York. It will be a year come May. I can't believe  how fast time flies. I'm going to take my new to me Prada Fairy Tote I just got in from Vestaire Collective . James Jean is the artist behind this Fairy Bag that was released in 2008. I've always wanted this bag and I finally have her 14 years later! Oh yes, I can be patient. I can do a full review if anyone is interested, but here she is!  Today, I have another Mulberry review. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and weigh 103 lbs and usually a size 4.   Mulberry Mini Alexa Oak In 2010, Mulberry released the Alexa bag named after Alexa Chung. She was a British model that had amazing street style and the bag quickly became a classic. It was featured on Gossip Girl and celebrities like Sarah

Review- Go Lightly Backpack Mesh Mini Jaded

Go Lightly Backpack Mesh Mini Jaded A few months ago, I ordered the regular sized Go Lightly Backpack and returned it after seeing it was too big for my small frame. When a mini version came out, it looked super cute on the model so I wanted to give it try. The size of this bag is 13.5 inches high, 9 inches wide and 5 inches deep. From the side, the backpack looks small, especially when it isn't stuffed full with things. From the back however, it still looks like a regular sized backpack on me. (For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall.)  The outside of the bag is entirely mesh and overall a very lightweight bag. There is a two way zipper and inside there's a pocket to hold a water bottle. I use S'well bottles and was pretty excited about this. However, the opening is very tight with not a lot of stretch to it. I actually had a hard time slipping my regular size (17oz bottle) in it. But once I did manage to slip the bottle in, the fit was