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Store Try Ons! Back To It Hoodie, Swiftly Racerback, Sole Training Crop

This weekend I went to two different Lululemon stores and neither of them had the NTS Jacket . But I did get to try this super comfortable hoodie, but it's not very flattering. It's kind of boxy on me but boy is it super soft! For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms unless otherwise stated. Back To It Hoodie Size 2 I'm wearing this in a size 2 and I found it to be very roomy. You can safely size down in this hoodie. For $118, I didn't totally love it. It definitely looks better in person than it does on the models. Maybe I'll reconsider if it goes on WMTM. I got to try on a bunch of new Swiftly tanks in all the new colors. They're new to me since I haven't been to a Lulu in more than a month.   Swiftly Racerbacks in Dark Olive, Illuminight, Midnight Navy. Illuminight Size 4 I thought the Illuminight tank was a little on the thin side, the color was nice enough, but I wasn&#

USA / Canada Upload! February 21st 2016

A whole lotta Body Con items uploaded tonight, but also a whole lotta mesh included, so I'm not very interested. Although interestingly enough Lululemon brought back the original Cool Racerback, but is it just me or does the back look different? Nothing for me, since I'm still on a ban. Good news is we are almost done! Just 7 days left to go! We can do it!!! In other news, Werkshop is releasing a new collection this week. That's probably what I'm going to buy, when the first day of March rolls around, haha. How are you all doing on your ban? Body Con Tank Poseidon Body Con Bra Poseidon Body Con Tight Deep Rouge Sole Training Crop Poseidon Sole Training 7/8 Tight Poseidon   Sole Training Short Sleeve Poseidon Body Con Crop Poseidon Love Tee Crew Deep Rouge Cool Racerback Cranberry (is it just me or does it look like they compressed the T strap in the back so it's shorter? still also looks narrow to me than from the ori

USA / Canada Upload! February 14th 2017

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Hope you got to spend some quality time with your loved ones. I actually don't celebrate Valentine's Day with my husband. It was basically his idea that we don't celebrate it and his reasoning is, it should be Valentine's Day every day. I have to agree with him. It's also one less stressful holiday for us. I feel like it's too soon after Christmas, and my birthday was just last week and his birthday is next month. But if you do celebrate it I hope you had a great day! Tonight's upload was pretty boring, honestly. I really like the color of this Free To Be Bra, but I wish I liked this bra more. I have a couple of these and I just don't love them as much as FTBW bras. So yeah, nothing for me tonight! Anything for you? How is everyone's ban going? We are halfway through!!! It really doesn't seem hard for me. My job is keeping me super busy. It's unreal! Between my job, my blog, working out and just trying