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Oh My Balenciaga!

Top: Rouge 2003 City Bottom: Rouge Theatre 2005 First My name is Leslie and I'm addicted to  vintage Balenciaga bags. It all started in 2005. Just so you know I'm not lying, here is a super old picture of me with a turquoise Balenciaga city circa 2007 or so.  It's an old screenshot and I don't recall why there's a number 16 on that photo. 😂 Balenciaga city 2005 I used to have longer hair! Back in 2005 when Nicole Richie and Nicky Hilton were popular celebrities, the two of them along with the Olson twins (anyone remember them?) made Balenciaga boho chic. It was effortlessly cool to wear a pair of jeans, a white tee shirt with a McQueen skull scarf carrying a Balenciaga bag on your arm. Boho chic at its finest. Nicole Richie Balenciaga Yellow 2004 First Left: Balenciaga 2005 Turquoise Work Right: Balenciaga Black 2003/2004 City Nicky Hilton - looks like Rouge Theatre 2005 First or maybe 2006 Rouge Vif First An Olsen T

My February Purchases

So, I'm supposed to only bring in one new item per month, which so far is proving to be a lot harder than it sounds. February started off with my birthday and the first thing I bought was a new Coach bag I was searching for a few months.  Coach 1941 Rexy Dylan Bag Then I fell in love with the heathered auburn colored Vinyasa and purchased that. My sister also gave me a Lululemon gift card for my birthday so I ended up buying a few more things throughout the month. Vinyasa Scarf And of course Sherlock passed away and I fell into sadness and grief and needed some retail therapy. I found an etsy shop that made custom rings and ordered one for each of my fur babies. My ring size is 3.5 and only a few shops could make them that small. They are totally affordable and only cost $21 per ring. It took about a week and a half for them to make. I went with rose gold and font 31 in case anyone was curious. I really love how they turned out and I wear them almost everyda

It's National Handbag Day!

My very first handbag purchase was an Icon bag. Icon is actually famous for their shoes, but I saw this Navigator bag on display at Bloomingdales and had to have it. It cost $400 and it was my gift to myself for graduating college. I thought, man that's expensive for a bag but it's like a work of art! The Navigator Bag by Icon So yes, I still have it in my closet and no I don't use it anymore. Soon after I discovered Balenciaga in 2005 and it's been a on and off love affair ever since. My very first Balenciaga was a pewter first in silver hardware. I wish I still had it. I eventually sold it because it was a little too small for me. Balenciaga Pewter First 2005 Over the years I've gone through tons of Balenciagas. There are a few that I regret selling. If I ever won the lotto, I would probably spend the money searching for the old and rare Balenciaga bags that pop up on eBay every so often. Specifically the ones released in 2001-2005.

Fit Review Friday! Leather Jackets! Athleta, Free People and Balenciaga, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Happy Friday everyone! I haven't been to a Lululemon in a month or so now and the past few uploads  have done nothing for me. Instead I've been obsessing over leather jackets. Moving from the northeast to the south forced me to re-evaluate my leather jacket collection. I decided to sell off every single one of them except for my Balenciaga. Living in the south means I don't have much use for thick and heavy leather jackets. Even my Balenciaga is pretty thick but I'm holding on to it because I got it for less than half off. In search for a new leather jacket, I wanted one that has soft leather and lightweight. Something I can zip up and layer if I wanted to, and something I can wear casually even with my athletic clothes. Athleta is having an extra 20% off sale items this weekend with code EXTRA20  Cityview Leather Jacket  Size XXS Here I'm wearing a leather jacket from Athleta. It's currently on sale for $299 from almost $500. Unfortunately, it'