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Fit Review Friday! Leather Jackets! Athleta, Free People and Balenciaga, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Happy Friday everyone! I haven't been to a Lululemon in a month or so now and the past few uploads  have done nothing for me. Instead I've been obsessing over leather jackets. Moving from the northeast to the south forced me to re-evaluate my leather jacket collection. I decided to sell off every single one of them except for my Balenciaga. Living in the south means I don't have much use for thick and heavy leather jackets. Even my Balenciaga is pretty thick but I'm holding on to it because I got it for less than half off.

In search for a new leather jacket, I wanted one that has soft leather and lightweight. Something I can zip up and layer if I wanted to, and something I can wear casually even with my athletic clothes.

Athleta is having an extra 20% off sale items this weekend with code EXTRA20 

Here I'm wearing a leather jacket from Athleta. It's currently on sale for $299 from almost $500. Unfortunately, it's sold out in almost all sizes. I'm wearing the size XXS and it's a great fit for petites like myself. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and 100 pounds. 

Don't mind my face here haha

The leather is super soft. The length hits right above my hips and while the sleeves are long, it's not unbearable. I like the zippered cuffs. This is a mixed leather jacket because of the side soft stretch panels which makes it very comfortable to wear. Best thing? It has a removable hood! 

The color of this jacket is a dark mocha brown and the side panels are a dark purple mauve. It's really quite pretty. The soft stretch panels also extend from under the arms all the way down to the cuffs. With pockets that I can actually use to keep my hands warm? It's a keeper. 

Also looks amazing with my new Werkshop Elf crops! I can't wait for fall to come around so I can wear this outfit. Winnnnnner!

Next up I also tried on Athleta's Strut Leather Jacket in size XXS. This is a more stylish leather jacket in super soft leather. Even the inside pockets are soft. The fit is tight, especially when zipped up. It's currently on sale for $199 from $498. This jacket also hits at the hip for me. The sleeves are the same as the Cityview leather jacket. However the similarities end there.

When zipped all the way up, the collar hits my chin. It's not the most comfortable, but it will help with the warmth on a chilly night. The pockets are a little shallow but enough that you can keep your hands curled up for warmth. 

The back of the jacket definitely looked super tight when I zipped up the jacket. It didn't feel uncomfortable but it just makes me look like a sausage. Yuck. Which is too bad, because it looks really good from the front. The sides also have stretch knit panels for comfort, but I would have been better off sizing up to a XS. Unfortunately, almost all sizes are sold out. Verdict? This one is a return.

I wanted to try a vegan leather jacket from Free People that looked promising. I ordered the Cool & Clean Jacket in dusty pink. For faux leather, this one had me fooled. It definitely feels like real leather. Vegan leather has come a long way. 

Also wearing Unicorn Crops by Werkshop

The fit of this jacket is semi fitted. The length hits at the hip. The sleeves are much too long on me in this case. Putting my hands in the pockets were an issue. You can see why in the above picture. It wasn't comfortable and it also looks a bit silly.

The front and back looked fine, but from the side the belly poofed out. There are also wool panels on the underarms of the sleeves similar to the Athleta jackets. Compared to the Athleta leather jackets, this one costs $198, which isn't cheap, especially since it's not even real leather. Verdict? Easy return. 

 Lastly, I wanted to show some photos of my Balenciaga jacket. The fit is amazing on me. The downside is I can't zip it up because of how this is supposed to hit at the waist on taller folks. On me it hits just above my hips. Because of that there is no way I can zip it up. The sleeves are super long but the pockets on this jacket are not made to put your hands in. They are purely there for design. 

The leather is soft but thick. It's also very fitted around the shoulders and arms. This jacket just looks so good on me, I have to keep it even though it's not very functional! Mine is old from 2014. They still make these but I would not pay full price for it. 


In other news, Nordstrom Anniversary sale has some really nice leather jackets as well. Here are my picks.

(Also comes in petite sizes)

(Also comes in petite sizes)

(I wish they had other colors, I would have considered ordering one)

(Comes in petite sizes and I love the texture on this one)

(This one is unique because it has rose gold hardware)

(This one looks absolutely amazing to me. I'm tempted to try this one too.)

(This one looks very classic)

That's all for me! Hope everyone has a great weekend! Happy shopping. 😁


  1. Love your leather jackets! Lighter weight ones are definitely better for the temperatures here. :)

    1. I'm seeing that is the case. I have so much useless winter stuff now!

  2. That cityview jacket looks so cute on you - and super cozy! Too bad the vegan leather one didn't work out - you should take a look at Modern Citizen, they have really cute and well-made vegan leather jackets. After reading this post, I decided to go ahead and give the Salt Flats Leather Jacket in Shell a try from Athleta - it's on sale, plus they are doing 20% extra off sale right now. And it's not final sale, so I figure it's worth a try! I've been drooling over it since I first saw it in their catalog a few months ago.

    BTW, thanks for inspiring me - I'm doing an August spending ban too. I need to reset after spending quite a bit at Alala, Athleta, and Aday this summer. (Wow, all A names... and very little Lulu. Weird.)

    1. I"ll definitely check out Modern Citizen. Let me know if you like the Salt Flats jacket. I was debating that one as well. It's a great sale price!

      Yaaaaay. I love when others join me in a ban. Makes the misery more enjoyable haha.


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