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Upload! October 2nd 2018

Looks like the US finally got the City Trek Turtleneck . It's very pretty but not for me. I just do not do sweaters or turtlenecks. It IS very pretty though, so I get why people are obsessed with it especially in the smoky blush color. BTW, Happy October! This is probably my favorite month of the year. What do you think of tonight's upload? City Trek Turtleneck Smoky Blush Free To Be Wild Bra Floral Bloom White Star Ruby (I kinda like this? Maybe if it ends up on WMTM, since I don't need anymore bras ATM.) Front Of the Pack 1/2 Zip Nocturnal Teal Swiftly Tech LS Dazed (I've sworn off Swiftly tops but this color is pretty) Gait Keeper Jacket Dark Chrome Patch Game Jacket Redwood (I have an inkling this will end up on WMTM so fast) Define Jacket Lilac Stone Brave The Cold Jacket Black Night Find Focus 7/8 Tight Arctic Plum Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Engineered Inked  Before Dawn Run Short Black (I actually k

Upload! September 18 2018

I have to say these Ready To Rulu Pant look amazing in arctic plum. I'm a little sad that these won't fit me. The inseam is just too long. I had a pair from a couple of years ago in the grape color and ended up selling them. Checking the Ivivva section there's a girls version that looks similar. I may give it a try. They're called Set To Go Joggers . I'm not sure if I would fit a size large since the hips may be a problem, but we'll see. I haven't placed an order with Lululemon since July. I think I'll give some of their girls a try. Did you order anything? Let me know! Interesting outfit, it kinda works and doesn't at the same time. Ready To Rulu Pant Updated 29" Heathered Arctic Plum Nan Dress Storm Cloud Free To Be Wild Bra Wildwood Twisted & Tucked Pullover Smoky Blush Rest Less 1/2 Zip Lavender Gray Cypress Kiss 1/2 Zip Heathered Lunar Rock Front Of The Pack 1/2 Zip Nulux Flowerescent Multi