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Upload! October 2nd 2018

Looks like the US finally got the City Trek Turtleneck. It's very pretty but not for me. I just do not do sweaters or turtlenecks. It IS very pretty though, so I get why people are obsessed with it especially in the smoky blush color.

BTW, Happy October! This is probably my favorite month of the year. What do you think of tonight's upload?

(I kinda like this? Maybe if it ends up on WMTM, since I don't need anymore bras ATM.)

(I've sworn off Swiftly tops but this color is pretty)

(I have an inkling this will end up on WMTM so fast)

(I actually kinda dig these)

(In case you missed this on WMTM for $69)


  1. The City Trek Turtleneck in Smoky Blush is pretty but not CAD 138 pretty lol! Don’t think I would get a lot of wear out of it so it’s an easy pass.

    Saw the Extra Mile Jacket in Nocturnal Teal at a store the other day and at first glance I thought it was navy color! The Nocturnal Teal in the Front of the Pack 1/2 zip seems to have a bit more green in it from the picture.

    Dazed color is pretty but I’m not a big fan of Swiftly cos I find the material a bit itchy. I have two and guess that’s enough. :). Would love to see Dazed in a down jacket!

    I missed out on the Brave the Cold Jacket last year and am temptered to get it in Dark Chrome. The reviews, however, are not that positive and a lot of people complains about down and feathers leaking through the seams. I wear dark colors a lot and that would be aweful to have down and feathers all over a black sweater lol!

    Nothing for me this week and I’m still praying for a nice French terry wrap to come out!

    1. I think most feather jackets will eventually leak out. It's just bound to happen, some worse than others. But it's definitely more noticeable on a darker jacket than a lighter one.

      This upload was pretty meh over all, huh? I guess better for my ban!

  2. I agree- most down filled jackets leak a feather here and there. My pottery barn down filled pillows and my down filled couch loose feathers once in awhile too :)


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