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Price Increases for US & Canada

I woke up this morning to bad news.  All Swiftly & Speed Shorts have gone up in price for US customers.  Over the last few days, we all knew this was going to happen, but it's still quite a shock.  Swiftly styles have all increased by $10.  I'm pretty much priced out at this point.  My cap is about $50 when it comes to tanks.  $60 if it's a short sleeve that I really like.  But from now on it looks like I have to wait for WMTM just so I can buy it for the original price.  Haha!  Now if only Lululemon would change its policy on sale items.  For the price tag, these sale items should be returnable.  Not final sale.  Am I right? From $48 From $58 From $68 From $54 For Speed Shorts and Run Times Short, a $4 increase doesn't seem so bad.  But it's still $60 for a pair of shorts! (after tax it would be even more than that for most people).  I will have to really love the pair if I'm going to buy anymore.  It would have to fit p