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Fit Review! Huddle & Hustle Hoodie

Huddle & Hustle Hoodie Smoky Blush  Size 2 Another weekend finished! Good news, I have a bunch of reviews coming up. I managed to take a lot of photos this weekend. I have to spread them out though. Apparently our August ban was so successful, my husband wants to do another one for the month of October. 😑 I guess I'll be heading to the mall a lot for store try-ons.  Today I have for you a review on the Huddle & Hustle Hoodie in smoky blush. I am a lover of all kinds of pinks and nudes so of course I picked smoky blush. My second favorite color in this hoodie is the heathered speckled jet blue.  For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically a size 2 in Scuba Hoodies. I purchased a size 2 in the  Huddle & Hustle Hoodie  as well. Right off the bat, this hoodie is shorter than the Scuba Hoodie. It hits right above my hips and definitely shows off my bum as you can see in the below picture. Second thing I noticed, the pockets are placed in

Athleta's Fall Line Up

Happy Friday everyone! I confess I've been ordering more from Athleta than Lululemon of late. I'm definitely going to place an order for the Elation Shimmer Tights and Essence Tank. In other news my orders from Lululemon and Athleta/Banana Republic have arrived so I'll have some fit reviews up on the blog soon! This weekend I will be taking a lot of photos. Let me know what you think of Athleta's fall offerings. If you're new to Athleta, you can also use my  referral link  to receive 20% off your first full price item. Elation Shimmer Tight Mocha Latte (I've been eyeing these Athleta tights for a while. It's a toss between this color and cinnamon brown.) Elation Shimmer Tight Cinnamon Brown (This color looks so good with a cream sweater) Ridge Jacket Regal Plum  (Really like that this jacket has a two way zipper) Ridge Jacket Black (Regal Plum or Black?) Sentinel Sweater Coat Charcoal Marl (I'm a little sad this

Upload! September 25th 2018

I have the Huddle & Hustle Hoodie on the way, but now I'm kind of digging the jacket version a little more. Especially in this camo green color. I guess I'll have to see how much I like the hoodie or not. The pockets on the jacket look like they have better placement, but at the same time they also look pretty shallow. It reminds me a lot of the Radiant Jacket I bought three years ago. I also find it interesting the model for the camo green is only 5 feet 1 inches. That's just a little taller than me and she's wearing a size 4. I wonder if that means it's not a size down jacket. I won't be placing an order just yet, I'm still waiting for my order to arrive, this one is taking about a week to get to me which is weird. Normally it's 2 day shipping. Did you order anything? Let me know! Huddle & Hustle Jacket Camo Green Define Jacket Incognito Camo (I keep needing to remind myself that I hardly ever wear my Define Jackets so I can'

Review- Nuun Hydration Electrolyte Tablets

One thing I seem to always struggle with is to drink enough water throughout the day. Plain water just doesn't do it for me. Ice cold water in a glass with ice cubes do not even entice me. I can have a drink sitting in front of me on my desk all day and unless I'm feeling thirsty I won't reach for it. I would average about 40 to 50 ounces a day and most of it would consist of tea.  Cherry Limeade  One day my husband was shopping at Whole Foods and saw the Strawberry Lemonade at the checkout stand. It was also on sale for $4.99 and he bought it for me to try. I prefer to drink these tablets using my husband's Soda Stream . Each tablet is meant for 16 ounces of water. I'll drop two tablets into my 40 oz Swell Bottle . I realize that the way I drink it dilutes it a little bit, but I prefer it this way. This concoction pretty much lasts me all day while I'm at work. Il'l also have a 10 ounce cup of tea in the morning. I'll also drink maybe a

Werkshop Gothica Collection!

How is it already Friday again?! I finally placed a small order to Lululemon and another to Athleta. Will have some reviews up soon. Werkshop just announced their new Gothica collection just in time for Halloween! If you're new to Werkshop, you can receive $15 off your first order with my  referral link . Which one is your favorite pair? I'm digging Moth and Raven the most. All four come in full length and crop. Since fall/winter is coming (Game of Thrones, anyone?) I'm thinking full length will be more appropriate. I haven't ordered a new pair of Werkshop leggings in a long time. Maybe I'll order both and decide after. Always a good plan, right?  Moth Raven Gothica Gargoyle Hope everyone has a great weekend! I don't have much planned thank goodness. I hope to get some R&R in. It is much needed. I always feel like the days blur and I can't keep track anymore! 

Upload! September 18 2018

I have to say these Ready To Rulu Pant look amazing in arctic plum. I'm a little sad that these won't fit me. The inseam is just too long. I had a pair from a couple of years ago in the grape color and ended up selling them. Checking the Ivivva section there's a girls version that looks similar. I may give it a try. They're called Set To Go Joggers . I'm not sure if I would fit a size large since the hips may be a problem, but we'll see. I haven't placed an order with Lululemon since July. I think I'll give some of their girls a try. Did you order anything? Let me know! Interesting outfit, it kinda works and doesn't at the same time. Ready To Rulu Pant Updated 29" Heathered Arctic Plum Nan Dress Storm Cloud Free To Be Wild Bra Wildwood Twisted & Tucked Pullover Smoky Blush Rest Less 1/2 Zip Lavender Gray Cypress Kiss 1/2 Zip Heathered Lunar Rock Front Of The Pack 1/2 Zip Nulux Flowerescent Multi