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Review- Nuun Hydration Electrolyte Tablets

One thing I seem to always struggle with is to drink enough water throughout the day. Plain water just doesn't do it for me. Ice cold water in a glass with ice cubes do not even entice me. I can have a drink sitting in front of me on my desk all day and unless I'm feeling thirsty I won't reach for it. I would average about 40 to 50 ounces a day and most of it would consist of tea. 

Cherry Limeade

 One day my husband was shopping at Whole Foods and saw the Strawberry Lemonade at the checkout stand. It was also on sale for $4.99 and he bought it for me to try. I prefer to drink these tablets using my husband's Soda Stream. Each tablet is meant for 16 ounces of water. I'll drop two tablets into my 40 oz Swell Bottle. I realize that the way I drink it dilutes it a little bit, but I prefer it this way. This concoction pretty much lasts me all day while I'm at work. Il'l also have a 10 ounce cup of tea in the morning. I'll also drink maybe another 16 ounces while at home so I end up drinking around 60-70 ounces total which is a huge improvement.

The nice thing is these tablets come in little tubes that you can carry around in your bag or keep them at your desk at work. The main take away from these tablets- each tablet is 10 calories, packed with electrolytes and about 40 mg of caffeine. I don't drink coffee at all and an 8 ounce coffee has around 90 mg of caffeine for comparison. Tea has around 25 mg per tea bag. I should also say that some of the flavors have caffeine, some don't.

I tried an assorted pack from Target that consists of wild berry, fresh lime, mango orange, and cherry limeade. My favorites so far are fresh lime and wild berry. It's been three months since I started drinking my water with these tablets and they definitely help keep me hydrated throughout the day. Once you find a flavor or two that you really like you can buy them in bulk. I mainly order these from Target or Amazon as they are pretty pricey elsewhere. 

This is my set up at work. 

Oh and if you're interested in my cup I bought it from this amazing guy named Joel Cherrico. He has a moon mug that I'm obsessed with but it also costs $500. They are one of a kind and I view these cups as piece of art. My husband just thinks I'm crazy when I buy them. 

Hope you all had a great weekend! Here's to another great week ahead of us.