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Fit Review Friday! Nike Air VaporMax

  Happy Friday! This has been a long week for me. It was especially a hard week of work and my usual MO to de-stress is to shop. Since I'm avoiding shopping this month, I ended up exercising more as a way to de-stress and I am also reading more to pass the time. It's getting easier as the month goes on if I'm going to be honest. I think there's a study that says it takes 21 days for something to become a habit. There may be something to that. Today I have a Nike fit review. I have not bought a new pair of Nike's in forever because I'm currently obsessed with Allbirds. When I laid eyes on these Nike Air VaporMax I had to try them. These were returned last month by the way, in case anyone was curious. I did not keep them. I kind of wish I liked them enough to keep because they are really futuristic looking and have cool features. For reference I wear a size 5 shoe, but for sneakers I prefer size 5.5. Let's take a look at the packaging. The box is all about sus

Epic Fail Nike!

For a few years, I was on a Nike ban. I couldn’t stand behind a company that gave an endorsement deal to Michael Vick after it was discovered he ran a dog fighting ring. But serving some time, he seemed to have turned over a new leaf having done things like lobbying Congress to pass a bill that made it illegal for people to even spectate animal fighting events. He also created a foundation to help families with the funeral costs for those killed in the Virginia Tech mass shooting.  With that, I felt I could go back to buying Nike products. I still haven't forgiven him, but I do think he's trying to make up for what he's done.  The problem is, I would be buying more Nike products if their site actually worked. Specifically the Hello Kitty collaboration they have going on with their Converse label. This  morning  at 10am eastern time, Converse released a limited edition Hello Kitty capsule that is so cute, I was willing to break my shopping ban for. When

Happy New Year 2017! Great discounts via Saks & Nike

Hope everyone had a happy and safe New Year celebrations!  I'm still checking out the after Christmas sales and now New Years sales and will be posting about some major deals today. I have a thing with sunglasses.  Even though I don't wear them all that often because it means I have to put my contacts in, I love the idea of playing around with how you can change your whole look with an accessory.  So when I saw these Miu Miu cat eye sunglasses over a year ago I fell in love with them but never pulled the trigger because of the price.  Last night while surfing in bed (yes we celebrated at home this year which is kind of lame, I hope that's not a sign of us getting old) I came across the sunglasses on super sale via Saks.  They originally coast $325.  Now they're on sale for $130! Miu Miu Cat Eye Sunglasses $130 Miu Miu Cat Eye Sunglasses $130 Initially I wanted to get the green pair, but I ended up going with the pink because it would be a good neutral

Fit- Nike Air Zoom Strong Rose Gold & Metcon 2 Rose Gold

Right now Ebates has 10% cash back for Nike.  Also an extra 25% off clearance with code EXTRA25 . The other day I stopped by Nike to try on a couple of pairs I have my eye on.  These two from Nike are super pretty.  I have a soft sport for anything rose gold. Nike Metcon 2   Nike Air Zoom Strong The Air Zoom Strong has a pretty wide velcro strap.  I tried these on in a size 5.5.  These fit the same as my Nike Flyknit Lunar.  In Nike sometimes I can fit anywhere from a 5 to a size 6 depending on the shoe.  These are very comfortable to walk in.  However the back of the shoe comes up a little too high for my liking and rubbed a bit.  I wasn't sure if this would be a problem later on and cause blisters so I passed.   Nike Air Zoom Strong The Metcon 2 run wide and because of this I can fit either a size 5 or a 5.5.  My only concern with these is they are made for cross fit.  I would be interested in using these mainly for walking and I think the soles a

Fall Lust/Wish List!

I tend to spend a lot of money on new fall items.  It's my favorite season.  Here I've picked out 12 items I'm currently lusting after.  Doesn't mean I'll actually end up buying them, but I would love to have them!  Some of the items are out of my price range.  But others I may pull the trigger.  In absolutely no order here are my current favorites! Speed Wunder Under Tights in Florence (I am absolutely dying to get these!) Werkshop Geisha Leggings Absolutely love these Werkshop leggings and I'm bummed these sold out in my size so quickly!  I'm waiting patiently for a restock.  If you're new to Werkshop you can receive 10% off your first purchase. Balenciaga Small Classic City I know a lot of people are sick of bordeaux, but I absolutely love it for fall.  This bag is super high on my lust list, but unfortunately I can't have it, so I decided to settle on the Banana Republic substitute instead.  Much more affordable and i

Nike Clearance Sale plus 20% off!

A couple of months ago I did a review on Nike Lunar Flyknit sneakers .  While they felt great, the quality was seriously lacking.  I searched for another pair and purchased Nike Free RN 's and I'm super happy with them.  I've had them for 2 months and wear them almost daily and they're still almost new. I just got notice that Nike is having a clearance sale and my sneakers are now $40 off! Nike Free RN Distance on sale for $79.99! So I ended buying another pair in black/green/purple.   I found this photo online, and I think they look awesome. I'm also eyeing these too, the Metcon 2 , but I don't do cross fit.  But maybe I'll try them if they get marked down further.  Although maybe there won't be a 20% off coupon then... hmmmm.... Nike Metcon 2 To save even more, ebates is giving 12% cash back on top of the 20% off clearance!  The 20% off clearance code is BTS20 .  If you haven't signed up for ebates yet I can gi

Footwear Review Nike Flyknit Lunar, Nike Free Run, Ugg Ayden Sandal!

Let me just say I'm a fan of Nike.  I own 3 pairs of Flyknit Lunars .  The first two pairs I ordered my usual size 5.5 and they fit like a glove.  However after just a few months of wear they developed a hole where my big toe is.  I use these for running and for everyday walking.  I will also admit that I walk a lot.  When I lived in Boston it was normal for me to walk about 5 miles a day.   In NYC you walked everywhere so reaching my daily 10,000 steps wasn't very difficult if I wanted to.  Adding running into the mix and there is a lot of wear and tear.  However I would expect these to last longer than a few months.  I'll admit that a hole in the sneaker is not really a big deal.  No one would probably notice except myself. My husband suggested that maybe they were too small, and I should order the next size up.  I'm hardly ever a size 6 in anything, but I said sure, why not?  I ordered another pair in a size 6 and sure enough 3 months later, I got a small hole.  So