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Nike Clearance Sale plus 20% off!

A couple of months ago I did a review on Nike Lunar Flyknit sneakers.  While they felt great, the quality was seriously lacking.  I searched for another pair and purchased Nike Free RN's and I'm super happy with them.  I've had them for 2 months and wear them almost daily and they're still almost new.

I just got notice that Nike is having a clearance sale and my sneakers are now $40 off!

Nike Free RN Distance on sale for $79.99!

So I ended buying another pair in black/green/purple.  

I found this photo online, and I think they look awesome.

I'm also eyeing these too, the Metcon 2, but I don't do cross fit.  But maybe I'll try them if they get marked down further.  Although maybe there won't be a 20% off coupon then... hmmmm....

To save even more, ebates is giving 12% cash back on top of the 20% off clearance!  The 20% off clearance code is BTS20.  If you haven't signed up for ebates yet I can give you my referral link.  I would greatly appreciate it, if you used it.  Basically every 3 months they will send you a check in the mail or send it directly to your Paypal account.   The last check I got which was a few days ago was $85!  That just also shows how much money I also spend.  LOL.  But seriously, I paid $68 after tax for a new pair of Nike's AND got $7.68 cash back from ebates.  If I'm going to shop, I at least try and get good deals.  I can't wait to get my new pair!

20% off Code - BTS20


  1. I also wear nike freerun in black. They are my go to shoes. I love them but since i need more support when i run, i wear air max. Anything with flyknit cant go wrong. I really wanna try airforce flyknit too!!

    1. I love flyknit, but after a few months I ended up getting a hole near the big toe, and it happened to all 3 of my shoes. So I will never buy flyknit again. =(

    2. Try to size up when you get a big discount. I usually wear size 5or 5.5 and i wear 6 in these. My airmax is size 5 and perfectly broke in it. I tried 5.5 in flyknit freerun and It was so hard to squeeze my feet in there. Lol

    3. I did go up a half size and I still got a hole. I went from size 5.5 to size 6. same thing. Sometimes I am even a size 5 depending on the shoe. =( Could be the way I walk or how my foot is when I walk.


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