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Fit Review!! Cozy Up Buttercup Jacket, Down For A Run Vest, Runderful 1/2 Zip, Swiftly Short Sleeve

With all the hype surrounding the Cozy Up Buttercup Jacket I really wanted to see this at the store.  I had this idea in my head that it was going to overwhelm my petite frame.  Sadly, the store did not have the dark gray/black color but only the heathered Silver Spoon in my size.   For reference I'm 4 feet 11, 98 pounds.  Size 4 in fitted tops, but for outerwear I usually size down to a size 2. Left open, the jacket does indeed look huge on me.  Size 2. Zipped up, it looked better, but still roomy. The back of the jacket covered my bum completely. Inside it is completely lined with sherpa, including the sleeves and oh so soft! Overall, I liked the jacket.  $178 like?  I'm not completely sold on the price.  I think I may have bought it if they had it in black.  So the question is, should I order it?  I'm sure this piece will sell out, as it already has in all smaller sizes at my store. Next up, I really love this color green.

A Year in Review!

I've only started buying Lululemon at the start of 2015.  I know, I am pretty late to the party.  Let me say that I will only admit this here, I spent a whopping total of $6,728 in Lululemon purchases this year.  When I obsess over something, I obsess !  It's like I have a one track mind.  This can be very good, and also very bad.  But because I know I obsess over things I kept an excel spread sheet with every Lululemon purchase I made this year.  However I did end up selling 8 pieces on Ebay and will probably list up a few more over the upcoming weeks.  I didn't subtract that from the total. This year for 2016, I want to be really selective over what pieces I buy because I already feel like I've got a superfluous amount of athleisure wear.  But my favorite pieces from 2015 in no particular order is as follows: 1. Herringbone Hi Rise Wunder Under Pants.  These are so comfortable, soft and warm.  I wear them with sneakers and even boots.  2. High Times Pant

Store Visit Today!! Radiant Jacket, Wunder Under Hi-Rise, Down For A Run Vest, Fleece Out Jacket, Swiftly

Lots of Berry Rumble items today!  This was the first time I saw the Fleece Out Jacket and all I can say is what a disappointment it was.  I have no idea why the pockets jutted out the way they do but it was an easy pass for me as my credit card sighed in relief. What is up with that?   Fleece Out Jacket in Berry Rumble Size 4.  Also wearing the Herringbone Bordeaux Drama Berry Rumble in Wunder Under Pant Hi-Rise also size 4. The Herringbone WU Pant Hi-Rise I tried on were very comfortable, however the color was a tad lighter than I would have liked.  I see these as casual wear or lounge pants and I try to buy pieces I can wear at home and also go out in and these may be a little hard to wear out of the house color wise.  So I passed on these for now, but if they ever show up on WMTM, I might get them then.   Radiant Jacket in Heathered Black in Size 2 I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked the Radiant Jacket.  I thought this would have been an easy one