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Store Visit Today!! Radiant Jacket, Wunder Under Hi-Rise, Down For A Run Vest, Fleece Out Jacket, Swiftly

Lots of Berry Rumble items today!  This was the first time I saw the Fleece Out Jacket and all I can say is what a disappointment it was.  I have no idea why the pockets jutted out the way they do but it was an easy pass for me as my credit card sighed in relief.

What is up with that?  

Fleece Out Jacket in Berry Rumble Size 4.  Also wearing the Herringbone Bordeaux Drama Berry Rumble in Wunder Under Pant Hi-Rise also size 4.

The Herringbone WU Pant Hi-Rise I tried on were very comfortable, however the color was a tad lighter than I would have liked.  I see these as casual wear or lounge pants and I try to buy pieces I can wear at home and also go out in and these may be a little hard to wear out of the house color wise.  So I passed on these for now, but if they ever show up on WMTM, I might get them then.  

Radiant Jacket in Heathered Black in Size 2

I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked the Radiant Jacket.  I thought this would have been an easy one to pass up on but the gold zipper detail suckered me in.  It's thicker and more substantial than the Scuba hoodie.  The collar is pretty cool, it is pretty stiff and it stands up a bit but I think it gives a Sherlock Holmes vibe I like.  I like the Heathered Black over the Angel White.  However I know the UK got a herringbone version of this so I will keep the tags on until I see the herringbone in person.  I'm a sucker for herringbone!

Down For A Run Vest in Berry Rumble Size 4, also wearing LS Swiftly Sapphire in Size 6.

The Down For A Run Vest is very cute in Berry Rumble but I didn't feel like I had to have it.  The Size 4 was roomy and I could definitely layer underneath, but I feel like it was a tad too long on me still.  Maybe I liked the Violet Tender a tad more?  Hard to say.  

I was going to try on the WU Pant in the Bordeaux Drama Pigment Wind in my normal Size 4 but when I saw the waist in the fitting room, I said NO WAY.  I think these run SUPER small and I would prob need a size 8 in these, so I didn't even bother.  It was closer to a size 0 than a size 4!

This Berry Rumble Swiftly tank is amazing.  Size 4.

So today was decent.  I went home with the Radiant Jacket and the Berry Rumble Swiftly Tank.  But I'm keeping the tags on in case I see something I want more!