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Editing My Wardrobe / Closet Clean Out!

With all the new quarantine clothing I've purchased since March, I definitely needed to do a closet clean out. I spent most of Friday editing my entire wardrobe. I started around 11 am and was finished by 5 pm with a couple of breaks. Quick note- it is best to do laundry before starting this project. You want to see every piece of clothing you own. I still had a couple of items in the laundry basket like bras and shorts but as I just wore them I knew they were keepers anyway. First thing I did was pull out every single item in my closet. Although I did not do socks and underwear. I'll probably go through that on another day. This is what it looked like. I piled it all up on the bed and it was piled HIGH. (Yes there are a few items that still have tags on! 😅) I decided to go through my work wardrobe and my t-shirts first. I donated a couple of pairs of pants and a handful of tees that I didn't like anymore or just never wore. I also picked out a few swe

I spent my birthday KonMari-ing my closet

A couple of years ago I bought Marie-Kondo's book " The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up " and tried to implement it towards my closet. However I did not pull out every single item from my closet as she suggests you do. I did sections at a time. This time, I did it her way. It took me 20 minutes to clear out my closet. Which isn't bad in my opinion. I thought it would take a lot more time. I started this at 10:30 am. Here are photos of my entire closet emptied out onto the bed. I started going through the giant pile one piece at a time. If I still liked the item and it made me happy, I put it back in the closet. For items I no longer liked I had to decide if it was something I could sell, something I could donate, or something I could give to my sister or friend. Marie Kondo advises not to give items away to family or friends because it will burden them. It's not good to transfer the burden is what she says. I get that, but my sister also donates c