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Upload! April 28th 2020

Lots of new items uploaded. Rakuten cash back is at 11% today! I haven't seen it that high in a long time. What does everyone think of the  Ebb To Street Define Jacket ? I kind of like the stone wash print in something small like a bra. This is definitely the most interesting upload I've seen in a long time. Nothing for me so far, but I may place an order soon for some more reviews. Does anyone have any requests? Leave me a comment below! Slip Into The Moment Long Jacket Black Cool Racerback II Dye Washed Chianti All Tied Up Tank Wash Chianti Ebb To Street Bra Stone Wash Chianti Has anyone tried this bra? I am looking for a new workout bra. I have worn Free To Be Wild Bras for the last 5 years or so and the straps are starting to irritate my shoulders. I wonder if it's because they're too tight now? I am not sure. I wear a size 6 in the FTBW bras and I don't think the size 8 would work on my frame. So I'm in the market for a new workout