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My Christmas Wish List 2019

There's only three more sleeps until Christmas. Two if you're reading this on Monday morning. My question to you is what are you hoping for underneath your Christmas tree? There's not a whole lot of things that I really want and have to have, but if I'm dreaming I might as well go big or go home. There's nothing here that's completely insane, but I do love pretty things. To start my list off is this gorgeous Gucci bag. Small GG Marmont   (It's definitely pricey, and might as well dream.) Cartier Pink Diamond Sapphire Ring  (So pretty! I'm not big on jewelry, but this is gorgeous.) Rothy's   (Made of merino wool. Enough said.) Coach Willis 18 (Super mini and super cute.) Gucci Small Marmont Camera Bag (I'm not that picky, I'll take either one!) J.Crew Open Sweater Blazer in Cashmere  (I have this in merino wool. This version must be heavenly.) Hermes Scarf (I love these colors together.)

My Christmas Wish List!

Have you finished your Christmas shopping? I'm pretty much done. Just have to pick up a couple of gift cards and that's it. Every year I like to make a list of what's on my wish list. What's on yours? Coach Rogue Oxblood (I keep waiting for this to go on sale for 50% off but so far it hasn't!) Dr Martens Cherry Red (I recently bought a pair of black Dr Martens and I'm obsessed with them!) Hermes Awooooo Scarf (Unless I win the lotto I won't be getting a Birkin anytime soon, but a scarf? That might happen one day) Hermes Last Night Scarf (This one I love because of the headphones silhouette, pretty cool. Plus it's an awesome Lush song .) AllSaints Cargo Leather Biker Jacket (I'm a sucker for leather jackets.) Conroy Leather Biker Jacket Finale Wool Cashmere Wrap Regal Plum (I just dyed my hair a dark purple, so I think this would look great with my hair!) Why is there nothing from Lululemon? Becaus