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My Christmas Wish List 2019

There's only three more sleeps until Christmas. Two if you're reading this on Monday morning. My question to you is what are you hoping for underneath your Christmas tree? There's not a whole lot of things that I really want and have to have, but if I'm dreaming I might as well go big or go home. There's nothing here that's completely insane, but I do love pretty things. To start my list off is this gorgeous Gucci bag.

(It's definitely pricey, and might as well dream.)

 (So pretty! I'm not big on jewelry, but this is gorgeous.)

(Made of merino wool. Enough said.)

(Super mini and super cute.)

(I'm not that picky, I'll take either one!)

 (I have this in merino wool. This version must be heavenly.)
(I love these colors together.)

(I kinda dig this in camo, it doesn't look exactly like camo, so maybe that's why.)

(I think I want to try a pair of these next!)

What's on your Christmas Wish List?


  1. Lol I love reading these! I just wish I could get into nursing school to be able to afford these in the mean time I’ll window shop lol happy holidays:)

    1. Window shopping is always fun. That's what this is- only thing I could really afford is the Vinyasa Scarf and Allbirds. Maaaaybe the Coach bag! haha


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