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Upload! January 30th 2018

This whole month of January there hasn't been anything uploaded that's really caught my eye until tonight. Totally eyeing the Blissful Zen Sweater in so merlot. I think so merlot is a gorgeous shade of berry red. I'm also digging persian blue in the Breeze By Hooded Tank. I'm so ready for spring! So I have a bunch of stuff in my cart. Don't know if I'll pull the trigger on anything yet, I'm hoping to get to a store this weekend. We'll see. Sherlock is still taking up a lot of my time! Anything for you? What did you think of tonight's upload? Blissful Zen Sweater So Merlot (I have this in my cart, I'm leaning towards size 2 since it says there's room to layer) Blissful Zen Sweater Midnight Navy (I can't decided between this and so merlot so I have both of them in my cart lol) Sculpt Tank Spring Bloom Breeze By Hooded Tank Squad Persian Blue (I kinda love this! Not sure how practical it is for working out though

Sherlock Update!

Here is an update for all those who have been asking how Sherlock is doing. I appreciate how much you all care about this little guy. Sherlock has been diagnosed with the FIP virus. It stands for Feline Infectious Peritonitus. It comes from a strain called the coronavirus. The coronavirus mutates into FIP in some cats. It's apparently very rare and only 5% of cats end up getting FIP. Unfortunately this is a fatal disease. There are two types of FIP. There's wet FIP and dry FIP. Cats who have wet FIP usually die within days of showing symptoms. Sherlock has the dry kind. It's neurological and many cats live anywhere from a few weeks to a year with the disease. There are a few exceptions that I've read about where the cat can live for a few years. Right now we have Sherlock on anti seizure medication and steroids to help with the inflammation in his brain. He's also getting an experimental drug the neurologist explained as something that's similar to chem

Review Philips Somneo Sunrise and Sunset Alarm Clock

Happy Friday everyone! This one isn't a Fit Friday Review because of how busy things have been with Sherlock going to the vet and neurologist appointments and just basically spending time with him. I haven't even been able to go to the mall the past few weekends so today I have for you a review of this Philips Somneo Sunrise Wake Up and Sleep Therapy Light . First off, I am NOT a morning person. I don't think I can state that enough. I'm the type of person that will sleep until noon if I could. Every. Single. Day. I'd rather go to bed at 4 am then wake up at 4 am. Basically I'm a night owl. If I'm in bed earlier than midnight, it means I'm super tired and that's almost never. Before my husband purchased this  Philips Somneo Sunrise Wake Up and Sleep Therapy Light  alarm clock for me I would use my iPhone to wake up. My ringtone would go off super loud and it would scare the bejesus out of me. I have my alarm clock set at 6:45 am every weekd

Upload! January 23rd 2018

I'm actually pretty disappointed in tonight's upload. Nothing caught my eye except for this Vinyasa scarf in auburn. I did just get the S wiftly Racerback in quicksand , and while I really love the color, this one is thin and the inside of the tank feels a bit scratchy. When did they start doing that? The outside feels soft but the inside just doesn't feel as nice. I'll have some photos of the color on my blog soon. Anything for you? Vinyasa Scarf Heathered Auburn Loop Back Crew Expression Heathered Black Swiftly LS Porcelain Pink (pretty pink but this will probably wash me out) Reveal Tight Precision Boysenberry Stop Drop & Squat Tight Boysenberry   Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Score Jaquard Black Luna

Small Blog Sale!

I've spent a little bit of time going through my closet over the weekend. Managed to pull out a decent amount of items to let go. If you're interested in anything please email me at  I accept Paypal and will ship within the US only because international shipping is just too expensive these days. Sorry! All items are in excellent to like new condition. Shipping is $5 for priority mail. (I'll cover the rest of the cost). I do combine shipping as well. Thanks for looking! Down For A Run Vest Berry Rumble Size 4  SOLD Fluffiest Reversible Vest in Black Size 2  SOLD Fast & Free Crop Peony Size 4 - New With Tags SOLD Athleta Black Tight Size PXS (forgot the name of these) SOLD High Times Pant Blooming Pixie Size 4 SOLD Swiftly SS Tender Violet Size 4 SOLD Cool Racerback Heathered Naval Blue Size 4 SOLD Cool Racerback Heathered Poseidon Size 4 SOLD Werkshop Bra Size Small  SOLD