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Fit Review! Aritzia TNAButter Atmosphere Hi-Rise 5" Short, TNAButter Cheeky Hi-Rise 5" Short

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I've been trying to find a good Align Short dupe ever since Lululemon raised their prices. They now run $64 for solid colors and $74 for Diamond Dye. Ouch! That's nearly $70 for a pair of shorts after taxes for solid colors. I decided I had to give Aritzia a try. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall. I'm wearing size XS in Aritzia. I also wear size 4 in Lululemon Align bottoms. TNAButter Cheeky Hi-Rise 5" Short Total Eclipse Size XS I tried two different shorts from Aritzia. The  TNAButter Cheeky Hi-Rise 5" Short  is very similar to the Align Short. I went with the 5 inch inseam over the 3" and 7". I think the 5" inseam is the sweet spot. The 7" inseam can be too long on my petite legs- similar to Lululemon's 8" inseam. This Cheeky version accentuates your assets. 😉 The seam across the back is curved. The TNAButter fabric feels really similar to Nulu. I was pleasantly surprised. It's su

Fit Review! Vuori Clean Elevation Shorty & Performance Jogger

Is it April already?! I've got a short and sweet fit review for you all. Ever since Lululemon increased their price for their Align Short from $58 to $68, I have been on a mission to find similar shorts for less. Plus Lulu can't seem to keep their shorts in stock these days. 😐 For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and wearing size XS in Vuori. I also wear size 4 in Lululemon Align Shorts. Clean Elevation Shorty Smoked Plum Heather Size XS also wearing Ebb To Street Crop Tank Black Size 6 I purchased the  Clean Elevation Shorty  in two colors. The Smoked Plum Heather is really gorgeous in person. It's a fairly dark purple with a hint of brown undertones but it's definitely purple. I'm wearing size XS and they're a pinch tighter than what I'd like. It looks like a perfect fit in the photos, but the seam going across my lower waist digs in my hip just a bit. The fit is high rise and they definitely cover my belly button.  Clean Elevation Shorty Black

Fit Review! J.Crew Cecile Relaxed Sweater Blazer & Vintage Fendi Baguette

  It's February 28th! That means we made it through our no buy/low buy month! Congrats to those who joined me in this challenge. I have to say, it wasn't that bad this time around. The only thing I really wanted to try was the Nulu Cropped Define Jacket  in Silver Blue. It's currently sold out in my size but I will definitely be checking for restocks or new colors. I do have a shopping cart filled with items for fit reviews. There's also a couple of things I want to try from Athleta as well. The Salutation Stash Pocket Short 5 " looks to be a nice Align Short alternative since Lululemon can't keep up with the demand. I also managed to pull out 15 items from my closet to sell on my  Poshmark  account. I hoped to let go more pieces than that but I'll still take it as a win.  In other news, my company just moved into a new building in Midtown Atlanta. This has been in the works for a little while now and the first day of business is March 7th. I've been w

Fit Review! Rothy's The Driver + Vuori New Arrivals

  Happy Valentine's Day! Do you celebrate this holiday? My husband and I actually do not really celebrate it. Why, do you ask? Because every day should be Valentine's Day! 😆 However if I'm being honest,  these Rothy's Drivers are the perfect color to wear on Valentine's Day. I purchased these back in November and I'm finally getting around to writing a review. It's still a little too cold to wear these out, but spring is coming and I'm looking forward to their maiden voyage! For reference I wear size 5 in The Point , and I also fit a size 5 in The Driver . The Driver Raspberry Size 5 Fit- these are very roomy in the toe box compared to The Point. I can wear a pair of thin liner socks for a better fit all around. (I have very thin feet.) Super comfy with nubs on the bottom of the sole for extra traction and durability. These do not stretch much, so make sure they are not too snug.  It still amazes me that these shoes are knitted from plastic bottles. A