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Fit Review! Allbirds TrinoXO Tee Classic Fit & Relaxed Fit + Laura Mercier RoseGlow Collection

Hello! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I've been in a decluttering mode. It's unbelievable how many things I've accumulated in the past 5 years of moving to Atlanta. There is a challenge called 30 Day Minimalism Game . It's more fun if you do it with a friend. Each person gets rid of one thing on the first day, two things on the second day, three things on the third day and so on until you reach the end of the month. I've found that if you are able to keep tally and stay ahead of the challenge it really takes the stress off. It's Day 18, but I'm already up to Day 25. Oh, and anything goes. Clothes, shoes, towels, bedding. I've found a lot of items in the bathroom and in cabinets and drawers. I've found that the bedroom is the best room in the whole house because of how minimalist it is. I am now trying to achieve this in every room. Let me know if you have tried this challenge or a variation of this challenge. Today I have an Allbirds review of

Fit Review! Free People Moon Dust Cardi & Bralettes

  Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend/had a fun Fourth of July! This review is going to be short and sweet. It's a Free People hoodie that I've been meaning to try forever.  For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and wearing size XS in Free People. I'm typically wear size 4 in Lululemon tops.  Moon Dust Cardi Clove Bark Size XS Love the flowy detail on the back. This hoodie/cardi has very Mad Max vibes. It also might be something I'd wear to Burning Man, not that I've ever been. I really love the color Clove Bark. It's a very subtle pink with a hint of mauve on the bottom half of the hoodie. I'm wearing size XS and as you can see it runs large. I wish this came in a size XXS or at least in a petite size. The sleeves are loose fitting and a bit bunchy at the wrist. There is something very unique about the raw seams and the bohemian look. I'm quite impressed Free People was able to pull this off as a hoodie. The hood itself is oversized and reminds me

Fit Review! Always Effortless Jacket & Perfectly Oversized Cropped Crew Spiced Chai

Happy Monday! I've got some victory news to share. A little backstory- when I first started working out at the age of 31, I couldn't even do a single push up. I've always had a weak upper body but I kept at it and eventually I was able to do 10 push ups in a row. Now I can do diamond/triangle push ups with ease. In my mid 30s I really wanted to get my first pull up. I remember the first time I tried it, I failed miserably. I couldn't even pull myself up halfway.  It was the same thing when I tried a chin up. I felt so defeated. About 3 years ago I was able to get my first chin up and I was getting really close to getting my first pull up. I was able to do a neutral grip pull up, which was pretty exciting but I just wasn't there with a pull up. I was close but no dice. Then I injured my left shoulder pretty badly. It took a good 18 months for it to recover. Even today it's still not 100% but it's good enough that I recently started doing chin ups again. Yeste

Fit Review! Aviator Nation 5 Stripe Jacket Navy & 5 Stripe Hoodie & Van Gogh Exhibit!

  I'm pretty excited about today's fit review. I'm still on a rainbow kick because of #pridemonth but seriously, give me rainbows all year round. This world needs some cheering up and yes I also love Care Bears. 😂 Hashtag 80schild.  This is the second part of my Aviator Nation haul. If you missed part one, check it out here . For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and wear size XS in Aviator Nation. I also wear size 4 in Lululemon tops.  5 Stripe Hoodie Heathered Gray Size XS This is my third Aviator Nation hoodie so I won't get into too much detail. I just can't over how comfortable they are, and I basically live in them ever since they arrived. I'm wearing size XS and love the fit on my petite frame. I'm hoping that this will be my last Aviator Nation hoodie for a while, at least the full zip ones. I really want to try their other pullovers because I'm pretty sure I'll love them just as much. I've also been thinking about getting a pair