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US / Canada Upload! March 28th 2017

I'm pretty excited about tonight's upload even though it's pretty small. I love Nulux so I'm definitely interested in the Fast and Free Crop and Tight. I think I'll order both and see which pair fits me better in the calves. I'm hoping the crops will work for me but I doubt it. I would love to be able to wear these for my summer workouts. I'm crossing my fingers! Fast and Free Crop Kindred Spirit Alpine White Fast and Free 7/8 Tight Kindred Spirit Alpine White Fast and Free 7/8 Tight Midnight Navy Two With One Singlet Dark Olive More Than Modal Hoodie Midnight Navy I don't do pullovers because I run very hot. So I would be interested if they made this in a regular hoodie with a zip. More Than Modal Crew White/Black Go Lightly Shoulder Bag Magnum (I love this magnum color. I hope to see more of it!) Wunder Under Low Rise Tight Thrive Veridian Green  Speed Short Marvel I'm loving the new models a