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US / Canada Upload! March 28th 2017

I'm pretty excited about tonight's upload even though it's pretty small. I love Nulux so I'm definitely interested in the Fast and Free Crop and Tight. I think I'll order both and see which pair fits me better in the calves. I'm hoping the crops will work for me but I doubt it. I would love to be able to wear these for my summer workouts. I'm crossing my fingers!

I don't do pullovers because I run very hot. So I would be interested if they made this in a regular hoodie with a zip.

(I love this magnum color. I hope to see more of it!)

I'm loving the new models and the new photos they're using. Look at the thighs on this girl wearing the Speeds! Love it! It really makes me want to buy them. I don't usually care for solid prints at all, but this one is very tempting. 

Anything for you tonight? 


  1. Nothing for me. I like thrive veridian print but I know I don't look good in greens other than olive shades. I'm not a big fan of nulux but I wonder how fast and free crops perform. I sold my like nothing pants because it kept slipped down on me while working out. I prefer lux / full lux but I really love how nulux feels!!

    1. Same here! I think it's because have the Asian skin tone. If it's more on the green side it brings out the yellowness more I think.

      Nulux feels amazing. Maybe you should try sizing down in Nulux?


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