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Coach Pride 2021 Turnlock Clutch 20 Rainbow Quilting

  Happy Friday! It's also July. I can't believe it. Was it just me or did June fly by? Pride month just wrapped up and this Coach bag was part of their 2021 Pride Collection. This is a super cute rainbow quilted clutch that feels as soft as it looks. It reminds me of those puffy jackets I used to have back in the day where I just want to squeeze it! 😆 I ordered this from Coach because I just had to see it in person.  For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall.  This bag is small, and it's definitely on the tiny side. It's best used as a clutch for a fun night out. I would not want to use this bag as an everyday bag. The inside is just too tiny to fit everything I need everyday. The dimensions are 8 inches wide by 4.5 inches high and 3 inches deep. The rainbow colors are not quite as vibrant as I thought they would be. They almost look a little bit pastel in these photos. The red is more of a magenta and the purple is kind of a medium lavender. So if you're looking

My Birthday Post!

Okay, so it's not my birthday... yet, but it's coming up on the 6th and that night I'll be posting my fit review Friday for you all! So my birthday post comes first. Not to worry I am taking a couple of days off from work and I'll have a nice four day weekend to do what I please. I think I'm going go on a lil shopping trip! 😆 For those who have been following my blog for the past few years know that I usually do a Frugal February month and stick to a strict shopping ban. The past couple of months I've actually been very good about not spending like a crazy lady so I think I can skip the Frugal February this year and just keep up the good work I've been doing! My bank account is actually looking decent. Lately I've been really trying to keep my spending in check. For January I only purchased three things. A wrap from Athleta, Vinyasa scarf and I managed to snag a very cute Coach bag on ebay. I'll have a review up on the bag soon.  This y

Coach Review! Troupe Tote 16 Micro Bag

Hi everyone! I went to Lululemon this weekend so I'll have a nice fit review Friday coming up at the end of the week! Today's post will focus on micro bags. They are very on trend at the moment and have been for a while. It seems like they aren't going anywhere anytime soon.  For this post, I'm reviewing  Troupe Tote 16 by Coach in deep red. It's currently 50% off!  Troupe Tote 16 This is the first micro bag I've used. It's also a bag from  Rent The Runway . I love getting to try out bags without having to buy them, thanks to my sister's account! If you're interested in trying  Rent The Runway  my sister has a referral code-  RTRFAM11D1780.   This code is $200 off your first two months of Unlimited ($100 off each month). Do you ever wonder what really fits into micro bags? These tiny bags only fit your essential, every day items. For me it fits my keys, my three card cases and my iPhone X. I can also squeeze in my inhaler a

Review- Coach Saddle 1941 & Semi Annual Sale!

While in New York, my sister who has a subscription to Rent the Runway , was nice enough to let me pick this Saddle bag by Coach to try out. For those of you who are not familiar with  Rent the Runway , it's basically similar to Netflix- but instead of movies, it's for clothing and accessories. It's pretty neat if you're looking for a special outfit that you know you'll only wear once a year and instead of plopping down hundreds of dollars it's just better for your wallet to simply borrow it. I'm usually not into fancy clothes, but I am into fancy bags. 😀 If you're interested in trying  Rent The Runway  my sister has a referral code-  RTRFAM11D1780.   This code is $200 off your first two months of Unlimited ($100 off each month). I've always loved the look of saddle bags, but never bought one. This little bag is gorgeous in its smooth glove tanned burnished brown leather. The contrast golden color stitching makes the bag really stu