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Fit Review Friday! Athleta Triumph Hoodie, Ritual Jacket, Stay Fly Windbreaker & Friends and Family Event!

Happy Friday! I'm pretty excited about this post. Athleta's Friends & Family event started and I finally placed my order. I'm reviewing a bunch of jackets and hoodies with one piece that really stood out. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically a size XXS/XS/PXS in Athleta tops. In Lululemon I'm a size 4 in Define Jackets and Scuba Hoodies. Triumph Hoodie Volcanic Violet Size XS The color of this hoodie is very pretty in person. It's a medium colored purple and would make a nice transitional piece for spring. I'm wearing a size XS since lately the XXS has been feeling a bit too restrictive in the shoulder area. The one thing I wasn't 100% crazy about is the pocket placement. They flare out a little bit on me and I feel like it accentuates my hips.  This hoodie is mid weight and well made. The sleeves are too long as usual. I wasn't 100% loving it, so I passed.  See how the pockets flare out a b

Fit Review! Athleta Furry Flurry Jacket and Triumph Hoodie in Double Cozy Karma

Hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend. I'm currently back in New York visiting my family got Thanksgiving. Already had two amazing meals. Hot pot last night and excellent dim sum this morning. Tomorrow I'm meeting up with some friends for more dim sum in Chinatown. 😂 It's fairly cold here and I finally found the perfectly soft faux fur jacket! For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops. In Athleta this usually translates to PXS or XXS. Athleta girls I take a size XL. Athleta Girls Furry Flurry Jacket Dogwood Mauve Size XL Remember I tried on the women's version of the Ritual Jacket ? It was too big on me, but I saw they had a girls version and tried the XL. The quality is excellent. The inside is lined in a very soft cottony fabric. It will definitely keep you warm and toasty in 40-50 degree weather.  The faux fur is super soft. Just as soft as the women's version. When I tried it on, I pretty much