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Fit Review! Athleta Furry Flurry Jacket and Triumph Hoodie in Double Cozy Karma

Hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend. I'm currently back in New York visiting my family got Thanksgiving. Already had two amazing meals. Hot pot last night and excellent dim sum this morning. Tomorrow I'm meeting up with some friends for more dim sum in Chinatown. 😂

It's fairly cold here and I finally found the perfectly soft faux fur jacket!

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops. In Athleta this usually translates to PXS or XXS. Athleta girls I take a size XL.

Remember I tried on the women's version of the Ritual Jacket? It was too big on me, but I saw they had a girls version and tried the XL. The quality is excellent. The inside is lined in a very soft cottony fabric. It will definitely keep you warm and toasty in 40-50 degree weather. 

The faux fur is super soft. Just as soft as the women's version. When I tried it on, I pretty much took the tags off right away. And what do you know? The girls version only cost $88. Yep that's right! $60 less than the Ritual Jacket. I'm very serious when I say if they had more colors in the girls version, I would buy them without a second thought. I wish they had this in black or even the abalone gray. 

This is a semi fitted and loose enough to maybe layer something thin underneath. I'm just wearing a tank under and it's very comfy. The sleeves are pretty much perfect, which is very very nice. The length hits at the hip, so it does not cover the bum completely. 

The hood isn't super big either, which is nice. I am totally in love with this hoodie, if you're petite like me, you won't regret this one! Next up we have the Triumph Hoodie in Double Cozy Karma. I mentioned I was super into Juicy Couture back in 2005 and had tracksuits in every color. So I was very curious to see if I would like the velvet hoodies once again, now that they're back in style. 

I'm wearing size XS. I normally would have picked the XXS or PXS, but lately I've been feeling the oversized hoodie trend. But the XS just looks too baggy, it doesn't look right. I'm thinking I probably should have went with my usual XXS. Even so, I think the sleeves would still have been too long. 

The velvet is soft, but it's also very shiny. I wasn't 100% loving it on me. It looks really great zipped up, except for the sleeves. The sleeves just remind me of a gray shar-pei. But not as cute!

I'm pretty sure Athleta will have a Black Friday sale coming up, so keep an eye out for a 20% off coupon and purchase the Furry Flurry Jacket  It's probably the best faux fur jacket I've come across for petites. That's it for me, see you back for the Lululemon upload. Speaking of, I have the plush Scuba hoodie in night diver. It's a keeper. The silver accents really make the hoodie pop. Between that and the Furry Flurry Jacket, I'm super happy right now! Have a great Monday! 



  1. The jacket looks cozy on you. I wish it comes in more neutral colors. I am tempted by the scuba plush but I don't wear scuba as much these days. One of the reviews says this year's is thinner and fits larger?

    Hope you have a great time in NYC and Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. The Scuba Plush does feel a little thinner than last year. As for fit I don't mind the larger fit because I feel like the one I got last year is now too snug! I wonder if it shrunk a bit when I washed it. The new plush is less restrictive which I really like nowadays.

      Thanks Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

  2. I love that Athleta furry flurry jacket on you! So cute and cozy looking. The double cozy karma does have rather long sleeves, I just got it in the black color, and I like how it feels so much that the baggy arms don’t bother too much and the black doesn’t seem quite as shiny as the gray color, IMO. Lately I have been wearing my sherpa jackets so much because of the cold weather we’ve been having, and I love how soft and comfortable they feel.

    1. I am still looking for a sherpa jacket... I may not find one this year... but at least I found a nice cozy faux fur one. It is so soft.

  3. The Athleta Girls Furry Flurry Jacket looks perfect on you, especially the sleeve length! The color is gorgeous and it’s a keeper! I think it’s the prettiest Sherpa jacket you’ve tried on so far.

    On the other hand, I don’t like how the Triumph Hoodie in Double Kozy Karma. The color is not flattering in this material. I saw the velvet Define Jacket at Lululemon over the weekend and I think you might like it.

    Have a wonderful time in New York and keep eating! :D

    1. I wore the Furry Flurry jacket a handful of times already. Really love it. I have the velvet Define coming to try. We'll see if I like that one better!

      Thank you! I'll have a post coming up on my NY trip!


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