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Upload! March 10th 2020

A small and boring upload! There's a lot of swim wear and a few new colors but nothing that interests me. I have my eye on a couple of things but hoping they make it to WMTM. I do have a great Fit Review Friday coming up for you guys! How is everyone doing with the coronavirus? It hasn't really made much news in Georgia besides the Fulton County schools closing for one day. I think everything is fairly normal though. My friends and family back in NYC are kind of all freaked out. Stay safe and wash your hands everyone! And don't touch your face! Swiftly Relaxed LS Dapple Dot Slate/Fuchsia (This is pretty cute, I like the whimsical dots.) Swiftly Tech LS Multi Dye   Total Ellipse Sweater Heathered Ivory Peach Pack It Up Jacket Smoky Blush Scuba Hoodie Dark Red (I think this red looks amazing!) Always Effortless Jacket Porcelain Pink Into The Drizzle Jacket Chianti/Mink Berry Run with The Waves Crop Speckle Spray Dye Blue (I don&#

Upload! July 30th 2019

Small upload this week. Dark Adobe is officially back and I kinda love it. I am totally eyeing the  On The Fly 7/8 Pant  in dark adobe, but I wonder if they will release it in the woven fabric as well. For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, I am going on a shopping ban for the month of August. I do this every year along with Frugal February. For me, every 6 months is a good time to reset my spending habits. Tomorrow is the last day for me to make my last purchases for the month of July. Then starting August 1 through the 31st, I'll be on a ban. I will still try and do updates and store visits for try ons only. Wish me luck! I'm gonna need it... Did you buy anything lately? I'm still recovering from Coach and Nordstrom. If you're joining me on my August ban, let me know. I would love to have some company. Long for Length Tank Diamond Dye Pink Bliss Spanish Oak Ready To Roll Hoodie Heathered Black (why is this $128? nothing special...)

Upload! September 4th 2018

Lululemon must have noticed I'm no longer purchasing as much workout gear lately, so now they're putting out some Lululemon Lab and office/commuter pieces on the website. I also haven't been to a store in months, however I totally acknowledge that I'm more of an online shopper than in person shopper. Did you order anything this week? Nothing for me. I have my eye on items from my wish list ! Nan Dress Naked (While this dress isn't my style, I can totally see my best friend wearing it.) Unity Drop Back Sweater Camo Green (This is one of those sweaters that made me wish I wore them. I just can't do any long sleeve pullovers.) High Lines Pullover Heathered Core Ultra Light Gray Swiftly Tech LS Smoky Blush (I do think that I totally want to get something in this color, but I wonder if it will wash me out?) Rain Rules Jacket Cassis Rain Seeker Jacket Black Scuba Hoodie Light Cotton Fleece Shibori Antique Bark (I kinda like