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Upload! March 10th 2020

A small and boring upload! There's a lot of swim wear and a few new colors but nothing that interests me. I have my eye on a couple of things but hoping they make it to WMTM. I do have a great Fit Review Friday coming up for you guys! How is everyone doing with the coronavirus? It hasn't really made much news in Georgia besides the Fulton County schools closing for one day. I think everything is fairly normal though. My friends and family back in NYC are kind of all freaked out. Stay safe and wash your hands everyone! And don't touch your face!

(This is pretty cute, I like the whimsical dots.)

(I think this red looks amazing!)

(I don't usually cover swim, but I do like how these look!)


  1. I finally pulled the trigger and ordered the Align Crop 21” in Diamond Dye Pitch Grey Graphite Grey (you know I’m a sucker for grey and purple ...). Will let you know if it’s worth the $20 price difference.

    It’s a boring upload but the grey pant in the Into the Drizzle Jacket picture caught my attention. Do you have any idea which pant it is? Dance Studio Pant?

    1. Oh very nice! Let me know how you like the Diamond Dye. I'm still trying to hold off buying from Lulu until next month, but we'll see!

      I do think the pant is the Dance Studio Pant in true navy. I think I recall you're a fan of those. They're not very petite friendly if I remember.

    2. Thanks, Leslie, I meant the grey pant on your Mink Berry Into the Drizzle Jacket picture and I also think it’s the Dance Studio Pant, I love mine which were the oldest version with a better fitting. Yes they are long but I love adjusting the length with the ties in the hem and they are super cute.

    3. Ohhhh I see. That one is harder to tell, but I think it is also!

    4. Just received the Align Crop 21” in Diamond Dye Pitch Grey Graphite Grey and love it! It’s buttery soft like regular Aligns but the material is thicker. The print is pretty and I’m happy with my purchase. Interestingly the style is no longer available on the Canadian site ...

    5. Yay! I'm glad you like it. I loved how buttery soft this pair felt.

      They just hit WMTM. Maybe you can see if you can get a price adjustment!

    6. It’s not the cross waist ones, Leslie. Same waist like the regular Aligns.


    8. Ah okay, that's so weird, they are missing from the US website too! You're lucky you got a pair!


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