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USA / Canada Upload! March 29th 2016

A lot of new goodies this week.  I'm interested in a few items but I'm holding off until I see them in person.  Not sure when I'll be able to make it to a store though since I'm in transit at the moment.  I'm in New York visiting my parents for the next couple of days and then we're driving to Atlanta from Friday to Saturday.  So I guess there's nothing that I'm dying to have. Salute The Sun Singlet in Heathered Kayak Blue Swiftly Tech Racerback in Heathered Lilac Ready & Go Tank in Lilac Wave Swiftly LS in Heathered Pink Paradise &Go Take Off Fleece in Heathered Deep Green Scuba Hoodie III in Heathered Regal Plum High Times Pant in Deep Zinfandel Enlighten Crop in Inkwell Speed Crop in Pretty Prism Real Quick Crop Full on Luxtreme in Samba Snake Battleship  Wunder Under Crop Hi Rise in Blurry Belle Battleship Speed Short H20 in Twisted Dune Harbor Blue Swiftly Tech Racerback in

What We Love November 13, 2015

The Peace of Mind Wrap looks interesting but I would be curious as to what the price would be since it has cashmere in it.  The &Go Take Off Fleece looks very cozy but I'm unsure about the laces around the neck just hanging off like that.  It looks a bit odd to be since the laces are black and the fleece is a light gray.  Sometimes contrast just doesn't work.  The LS Swifty looks very pretty in Sapphire Blue.  I would be interested in trying that, I don't have any long sleeve tops believe it or not!  They just don't work on a shortie like me.