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UK Upload! November 1st 2016

Happy November everyone!  I love the beginning of a new month.  So we have the return of black cherry and a new electric coral print.  I think I can safely pass on both.  Black cherry is another version of bordeaux drama.  Maybe slightly better but it seems a little too dark for me.  We'll see though.  If it comes out in the Align Crop I might get them. Energy Bra in Down Pour Electric Coral Swiftly Long Sleeve in Black Cherry Define Jacket in Black Cherry Wunder Under Pant Hi-Rise in Noctural Teal Wunder Under Pant in Black Cherry Align Pant in Black Cherry Pace Rival Crop in Down Pour Electric Coral Run All Day Backpack in Shatter Weave Dust Coral Swiftly Racerback in Heathered Lush Coral

UK Upload! July 19th 2016

Not much to report but there are a couple of things I wanted to write about on today's UK upload.  First the new Scuba Hoodie in heathered harbor blue is so pretty. Scuba Hoodie in Heathered Harbor Blue Scuba Hoodie in Heathered Harbor Blue This new Goal Crusher jacket looks like a fancy black garbage bag to me.  If this was made out of some other material, I might be interested.  But it looks super thin and flimsy to me and I can already see it with tears and holes (in my mind) so easy pass.   Goal Crusher Jacket in Black I just don't think it looks very flattering?  Anyone else with me or am I alone in this? Goal Crusher Jacket in Black Run All Day Backpack in Slate Black I love this backpack, I use mine all the time.  I like that it is small so it doesn't overwhelm my petite frame.  It's also really light weight and molds to my back.  So far the straps on the bottom did fall off, but I was able to catch it in time so I didn't lose

Review! Run All Day Backpack in Windy Wash!

Over the weekend when I went to try on the Align Crop and Define Jacket in the fitting room, my husband sneakily purchased the Run All Day Backpack as a surprise for me.  He is seriously the sweetest guy.  I didn't know until we opened the trunk after shopping at Crate & Barrel and saw the Lululemon shopping bag sitting there.  I was so confused at first!  I literally saw the bag, looked at him, looked back at the bag and went huh? Run All Day Backpack in Windy Wash I first fell in love with this bag after seeing in the Blooming Pixie Multi print, but was so sad that the US never got it.  I think it was only released in Canada and Australia.   Run All Day Backpack in Blooming Pixie Multi But I think I prefer the Windy Wash now.  While the pink and purple mix of Blooming Pixie is super cute and feminine, the blues and greens are a bit more my style.  I'm mainly going to use this bag when I want to keep my hands free for shopping and quick errands.  It h