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Review! Run All Day Backpack in Windy Wash!

Over the weekend when I went to try on the Align Crop and Define Jacket in the fitting room, my husband sneakily purchased the Run All Day Backpack as a surprise for me.  He is seriously the sweetest guy.  I didn't know until we opened the trunk after shopping at Crate & Barrel and saw the Lululemon shopping bag sitting there.  I was so confused at first!  I literally saw the bag, looked at him, looked back at the bag and went huh?

I first fell in love with this bag after seeing in the Blooming Pixie Multi print, but was so sad that the US never got it.  I think it was only released in Canada and Australia.  

Run All Day Backpack in Blooming Pixie Multi

But I think I prefer the Windy Wash now.  While the pink and purple mix of Blooming Pixie is super cute and feminine, the blues and greens are a bit more my style.  I'm mainly going to use this bag when I want to keep my hands free for shopping and quick errands.  It has lots of pockets for things like my phone, wallet, S'well bottle.  

Water bottle storage

Easy to reach pocket for quick access.

Hidden phone pocket

It fits very nicely around my petite shoulders and back.  It is very comfortable to wear.  I've only worn it once so far, so I can't say as to how durable it is.  I've read some reviews with some people losing their straps with the buckles but I can't really see how that happens?  One person also wrote that the straps snag on their clothes and have pilled their shirts.  I'll have to keep an eye on those things.

Shoulder straps are very comfortable and soft

The only thing I wish Lululemon would have added was a closure for the large outside pocket.  It is just wide open and I can easily see things may fall out of it if the bag is on it's side on the ground.  

Large outside pocket with no closure

Inside of the bag has a pocket that can hold a tablet 

Overall, I really am stoked about this backpack.  I'm a big fan of backpacks in general.  This makes a nice addition to my leather backpack I have by Rebecca Minkoff.

Side profile 

Size wise, it's a small bag.  It's not meant for anything big.  It won't fit a laptop at all.  It will fit a tablet, and your basic items that you carry everyday.  I doubt I'll be using this for actual hiking or running, but who knows, I might one day!

The backpack also comes in black and miss mosaic black.


  1. Congrats!! Your hubby is so sweet!! This backpack is very cute and looks very functional. I got a couple backpacks from Kilpling because they are so light to carry but i regret buying them now. Cute and light but lack of details. :(
    Next time, all the way lulu!!

    1. Thanks! I'm totally surprised at how much I really like the backpack. I'm looking forward to using it lots. Sorry to hear about the Kipling ones, maybe you can sell and upgrade to lulu?


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