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Upload! February 13th 2018

Whether you celebrate it or not, Happy Valentine's Day everyone! My husband and I don't really celebrate it. Everyday should be Valentine's Day, you know? But still if you do celebrate it, hope you have a wonderful time! I do think I need to buy a new bra or two. I'm definitely always running out and need to do laundry every week or so, not that it's really a bad thing I suppose. I keep hoping the Full Freedom Bra will restock in my size, but so far no luck. I may have to break down and buy a couple of FTBW bras. They're still my favorite bra to wear. I might place an order. Did you buy anything? Or even better did you get anything good for Valentine's Day? Train Times Fast Pace Pant SE Carminetrue Red (red isn't really my thing so this print doesn't do anything for me) Cool Racerback Faint Lavender Sculpt Tank Gather Up Cool Breeze Sculpt Tank Eucalyptus Sweat Times Bra Carminetrue Red Swiftly Tech LS Breeze Pers