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Major Fit Review! Scuba Hoodie III, Define Jacket, Speed Crop, Swiftly LS, Runderful LS, 5 Mile LS, Think Fast Hoodie, In A Cinch LS, In The Flow Crop

Holy mother of reviews!  I must have grabbed 10 pieces to try on in the fitting room today.  And I easily spent over 30 minutes in there trying everything on.   For reference I am 4 feet 11 and usually a size 4 in tops and a size 4 in bottoms.   The store near me had the Define Jacket that was on top of my wish list.  However after trying it on, I wasn't that impressed.  The photos on the website made it look fantastic and luxurious.  But the material wasn't as soft as I was hoping for and it felt kind of stiff on me.  The color is more pink than red.  I left it at the store.  This was TTS for me. Define Jacket in Diamond Jacquard Berry Rumble Size 4. Next up, my store still had one of these Flashback Static Tender Violet Scuba Hoodies in a size 2.  Fabric was stiff as expected with these patterns and it bunched a bit at the waist.  Easy pass.   Scuba Hoodie III in Flashback Static Tender Violet Size 2  I don't normally like Speed Crops

Upload!!! USA & Canada November 24, 2015

First off the Define Jacket I've been patiently dying for is finally uploaded tonight (and I almost forgot about it too).  I'm definitely interested in the Radiant Jacket.  I have to remind myself there will be another upload on Thursday and Friday this week, so I won't order anything tonight.  I'll wait until I get to a store, hopefully tomorrow.  Canada actually got a new Vinyasa scarf that I really like.  I hope we get to see that Thursday!  So here we go! Define Jacket in Space Dye Forage Teal (USA only).  So on my list! Radiant Jacket in Heathered Black.  Honestly I'm a bit tired of this color but I like how cozy it looks. In a Cinch LS Tee in Heathered Winter Orchid.  I guess I didn't realize this was reversible.  I like it but too bad I don't wear long sleeve shirts.  Also it is $98.  Kinda steep! High Times Pant Full On Luon in Black Grape.  Love the color and pants but not the luon.  So I can pass.  Whew! Wunder Un