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Major Fit Review! Scuba Hoodie III, Define Jacket, Speed Crop, Swiftly LS, Runderful LS, 5 Mile LS, Think Fast Hoodie, In A Cinch LS, In The Flow Crop

Holy mother of reviews!  I must have grabbed 10 pieces to try on in the fitting room today.  And I easily spent over 30 minutes in there trying everything on.  

For reference I am 4 feet 11 and usually a size 4 in tops and a size 4 in bottoms.  

The store near me had the Define Jacket that was on top of my wish list.  However after trying it on, I wasn't that impressed.  The photos on the website made it look fantastic and luxurious.  But the material wasn't as soft as I was hoping for and it felt kind of stiff on me.  The color is more pink than red.  I left it at the store.  This was TTS for me.

Define Jacket in Diamond Jacquard Berry Rumble Size 4.

Next up, my store still had one of these Flashback Static Tender Violet Scuba Hoodies in a size 2.  Fabric was stiff as expected with these patterns and it bunched a bit at the waist.  Easy pass.  

Scuba Hoodie III in Flashback Static Tender Violet Size 2

 I don't normally like Speed Crops but I wanted to see if the new giant herringbone would tempt me to buy a pair.  These weren't bad, but because I'm so vertically challenged, the bottom of the crops are always loose on me since they fall to my ankles.  That always makes me sad.  The extra large pockets are big enough to slip your phone in.  This was TTS for me.

Speed Crop in Giant Herringbone Heathered Black

My second most wanted item for the week is the Swiftly LS in Heathered Dashing Purple.  I'd like to announce I finally have a Swiftly LS in my collection!  The color is really pretty.  My only tiny complaint is the tightness in the arms.  I'm hoping they will stretch after a few wears.  I'll have a better review on this once I get a run in.  I'm checking the weather app, and it looks like it warms up a little this weekend.  45 degrees for Saturday, yay!

Swiftly LS in Heathered Dashing Purple Size 4

The Runderful Long Sleeve tee in Space Dye Camo Forage Teal is very soft and nicely thick Rulu.  Although it looks a little frumpy on me.  I blame my short torso.  This was also TTS.  I left this behind.

Runderful LS in Space Dye Camo Forage Teal Size 4

Next up is the 5 mile LS tee.  I was pleasantly surprised how much I actually liked this top.  If it weren't so scratchy on my dry hands I would have liked it even more.  But the price is a steep one - $78.  Ouch!  The fabric is thin Seriously Light Luon.  It's also very stretchy and comfortable to wear.  It even has an opening for your smart watch, pretty nifty.  The length is pretty long on me, but I actually didn't mind it.  I love the cute detailing on the back.  I also tried on a size 4, and it is definitely looser than the Swiftly LS tee.  I don't think I would have sized down though.

5 mile Long Sleeve in Tiger Space Dye Size 4

I don't have a smart watch, but the Fitbit will do.  Who knew trying on clothes would get my heart rate up?

The Think Fast Hoodie in herringbone is seriously cute!  I love it!  Buuuuuuuut- and this is a huge but for me, I run on the hot side and this is made of thick buttery soft Rulu, I would just turn into a furnace in this, so for me, this is a no.  If you run on the cold side, I would highly recommend this!  Fit is TTS for me.

Herringbone on herringbone

Think Fast Hoodie in Heathered Herringbone Black

I also did a little browsing in the mark down section.  For anyone considering the In A Cinch LS tee, I highly recommend it.  I tried on the purple and the light gray.  I normally LOVE all things purple, but I was very surprised at how soft the heathered gray looked on me.  It just screams cuddle with me right now!  I sized down in this top to a size 2, and it was very roomy and comfortable on.  The length was very nice and I thought it fit well for a sweatshirt.  Price was marked down to $69.  I'm wearing this as I type up this post! 

In A Cinch LS tee Heathered Light Grey Size 2

This is reversible as well.  However, I don't think I would ever wear it with the stripes on the outside.

In A Cinch LS tee in Heathered Deep Zinfandel Size 2

Purple Stripes in the reversible side

In the Flow crops are always a favorite of mine.  I was stoked to find these marked down to $64.  Totally mine!  The print placement was good on the front and back too.  I usually take these in a size 6.  The size 4 is always too tight in the hip and thigh area.

In the Flow Crop II in Cadet Blue/Sapphire Blue Size 6

That's it for me!  Hope you liked my post, leave a comment if there's anything you would like to see a review of!


  1. Thanks for the great reviews. I bought the think fast in herringbone earlier this week and love it. The 5 mile looks good on you. I hope my store gets the tiger space dye version in this week. And thanks to you, that define is now off my list. Lol. Great finds on md!

    1. Lucky! I really wish I didn't run on the hot side. I just get hot so easily, so the think fast really wouldn't do me any good. but i am loving the cinch LS tee!

  2. Yes! Thank you so much for the fit reviews! I am thinking I want the Think Fast and Swiftly LS now!


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