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Upload! September 25th 2018

I have the Huddle & Hustle Hoodie on the way, but now I'm kind of digging the jacket version a little more. Especially in this camo green color. I guess I'll have to see how much I like the hoodie or not. The pockets on the jacket look like they have better placement, but at the same time they also look pretty shallow. It reminds me a lot of the Radiant Jacket I bought three years ago. I also find it interesting the model for the camo green is only 5 feet 1 inches. That's just a little taller than me and she's wearing a size 4. I wonder if that means it's not a size down jacket. I won't be placing an order just yet, I'm still waiting for my order to arrive, this one is taking about a week to get to me which is weird. Normally it's 2 day shipping. Did you order anything? Let me know! Huddle & Hustle Jacket Camo Green Define Jacket Incognito Camo (I keep needing to remind myself that I hardly ever wear my Define Jackets so I can'