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Upload! September 25th 2018

I have the Huddle & Hustle Hoodie on the way, but now I'm kind of digging the jacket version a little more. Especially in this camo green color. I guess I'll have to see how much I like the hoodie or not. The pockets on the jacket look like they have better placement, but at the same time they also look pretty shallow. It reminds me a lot of the Radiant Jacket I bought three years ago. I also find it interesting the model for the camo green is only 5 feet 1 inches. That's just a little taller than me and she's wearing a size 4. I wonder if that means it's not a size down jacket.

I won't be placing an order just yet, I'm still waiting for my order to arrive, this one is taking about a week to get to me which is weird. Normally it's 2 day shipping.

Did you order anything? Let me know!

(I keep needing to remind myself that I hardly ever wear my Define Jackets so I can't justify getting any more!)

(I'm actually thinking about selling some of my Swiftly Tanks, I much prefer Sculpt Tank & Essential Tanks)

(Can't believe I'm about to say this, but I think I'm finally getting tired of Scuba Hoodies! Only took 4 years)

(This backpack actually looks pretty cute, but looks really similar to the Go Lightly Backpack I wonder if they're the same size)


  1. ...I think that model is 5”10 and it’s a typo.

    I’m not interested in scubas either since they changed the hood. I never use hoods and a bigger one just ruins the proportions & look of the hoodie. I like that plum colour though!!

    If the huddle hustle comes in plum I would consider.

    1. Oh you might be right in that case I'm very disappointed! LOL. It would be nice to see some stuff shown on petite models.

      I don't mind bigger hoods, but I guess I'm just getting tired of hoodies in the Scuba style in general. I want to some different hoodies from Lululemon that's better than the Scuba. I'm hoping the Huddle & Hustle hoodie will be it but I have my reservations.

      The plum color is delicious for fall. Maybe if they release in the hoodie and jacket version!

  2. I honestly don't get why people like camo prints so much. I got Speed Up Crop in camo but returned it as I wasn't so excited and the material was thinner than the solid ones. Now Define in camo came up. Not for me. I have 3 Defines but I don't wear them very often like you. It's not warm enough for wearing by itself in winter and too thick to wear as a shirt under a jacket or coat.

    1. It's the man made version of leopard print is how I see it. I like it if it's done well. But I do think I'm hitting the age bracket where it's no longer acceptable to wear. LOL. I think I would like it in small accessory items. Maybe a scarf or something along the lines of that.

      Yep I have the same issue with the Defines... so no more!

    2. Hmm - I've always thought of the dark black/blue camo as the mature print (since I def skew that age) vs all the crazy florals etc. Of course I'm also a big fan of werkshop pants so camo seems very understated to me. I still have my camo wunder unders from 4 or so years ago so it's an easy pass this time around.

    3. I def prefer camo over crazy florals.

      I do love Werkshop as well and view those as pieces of art that I want to display.

  3. I love my Radiant Jackets! I got my first one years ago (probably the same version as yours), liked it so much that I grabbed two more when the newer version came out last year. It’s a nice alternative to hoodies!

    I’m still loving my Scuba Hoodies, especially the light cotton version. The latest version just fits me better than the previous ones. They do fade a bit but don’t bother me too much. I have speckled black, boysenberry, black currant and jaded. Don’t think I need any new colors though. :)

    I also don’t understand why people are so crazy about Camo. Guess I’m just too old for that lol!

    The only item that interests me in this upload is the Swiftly Wool Pullover. I thought of getting one last year but never did. The Moonphase color is kind of pretty. Not sure if it’s itchy though. Any thoughts?

    I got the chance to try on the Pick Your Path Jacket and while I love the design details (side and back vents), I prefer the fitting of Going Places Jacket which is kind of plain (and more expensive!!!). The Pick Your Path Jacket didn’t come with a double zipper and that’s also a deal breaker to me. I’m surprised the Going Places Jacket came back two years in a row. I got mine two years ago and wear them a lot. Very versatile and comfortable!

    1. How do you compare the new Radiant jacket vs the old one? Do they still have the same shallow pockets? I had an issue with that, my phone would fall out.

      The Swiftly Wool Pullover looks nice. According to the reviews they say it's not itchy, not one complaint about that at all. However a few said they show wear/pilling quickly.

      Do you think you'll try the Huddle & Hustle Jacket?

    2. I would say the older and newer versions of the Radiant Jacket fit pretty much the same, with only minor changes in the back design. Unfortunately the new ones still have shallow pockets lol! That doesn’t bother me cos I never put my phone in my jacket pockets.

      Saw the Huddle and Hustle Jacket in store today but didn’t bother to try it on as the drawcord is a deal breaker for me. The Radiant Jacket looks more stylish in my opinion. The design of the Huddle and Hustle Jacket is like the light Scuba Hoodie, only to be longer and without the hood.

      Thanks for your advice re Swiftly Wool LS. Didn’t see it in the store today and I was tempted to get the Rest Less Pullover. If it comes out in grey or purple, I will very likely get one.

    3. Ah that's too bad about the Radiant Jacket. I really need some deep pockets!

      Ah the draw cord at the neck? Hmmm I guess I would have to try that on and see. I don't think it would bother me, but you know know.


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