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Store Visit to Lululemon Lab in NYC! Knitt Hoodie Review!

When Lululemon Lab opened up in NYC back in March I was a little upset that I was moving to Atlanta and wouldn't get a chance to visit the store anytime soon.  Well since I'm back in NYC this month I decided to make it a point to go.   50 Bond Street, NYC The store is very stark with black and white colors with a little beige here and there. Interesting hand bags, however they were not made by Lululemon. Women's clothing - geared for summer. More women's selections - black or white only Men's side of the store Since it is summer and getting hot and humid, I don't see the appeal of wearing black clothing.  I also do not have a job at the moment so the price points were totally out of my league.  The styles are all geared for office wear, which sadly I don't work in an office anymore so none of it appealed to me.  The only piece I thought I could work into my wardrobe was the Knitt Hoodie that came in black and white