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Store Visit to Lululemon Lab in NYC! Knitt Hoodie Review!

When Lululemon Lab opened up in NYC back in March I was a little upset that I was moving to Atlanta and wouldn't get a chance to visit the store anytime soon.  Well since I'm back in NYC this month I decided to make it a point to go.  

50 Bond Street, NYC

The store is very stark with black and white colors with a little beige here and there.

Interesting hand bags, however they were not made by Lululemon.

Women's clothing - geared for summer.

More women's selections - black or white only

Men's side of the store

Since it is summer and getting hot and humid, I don't see the appeal of wearing black clothing.  I also do not have a job at the moment so the price points were totally out of my league.  The styles are all geared for office wear, which sadly I don't work in an office anymore so none of it appealed to me.  The only piece I thought I could work into my wardrobe was the Knitt Hoodie that came in black and white.  Those were the only two colors available.   

Knitt Hoodie in Black Size 4

First of all, let me just say the fitting rooms in that store are so bright and so white!  It had a very sterile feel to it.  

I just want to point out, I may be wrong but I think the smallest size I saw was a size 4.  I did not see anything in a size 2.  This hoodie is made of black mesh material.  I liked it because of all it would keep me cool in the summer yet providing some coverage from the sun.  However, because it is black it really wouldn't keep me all that cool, would it?  

I did like how it looked on me.  The fit was okay, loose and slouchy, yet comfortable.  The mesh did not feel all that soft or luxurious, which is a little disappointing considering the price- $150.  

The white version of this hoodie gave a more textured look because you can actually discern the mesh fabric.    Fit was the same but it does look slightly bigger with more material.    

But with the color being so white, I did not see how I could possibly keep this clean for long.  Not very practical.  

Overall, while I liked it, neither color would really work.  So I passed.  

I did buy one thing.  I sort of wanted a souvenir if you will.  I don't believe I would ever purchase something from Lululemon Lab, unless I went back to work at an office and had to wear professional clothing again.  So I picked up a Knitt headband for $25.  LOL!


  1. That headband is very cute!! Trhanks for your review :)

    1. I wore the headband yesterday and find it to be a little loose. I hope it doesn't stretch out because then it may be unwearable!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I'm not a fan of Lab, and now your review seals the deal!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I'm not a fan of Lab, and now your review seals the deal!

    1. It's definitely not for everyone, and it's very very different from what we're used to at Lulu for sure. But I'm glad I experienced it just once!


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