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USA / Canada Upload! December 13th 2016

Not much happening in today's upload.  Nothing really sticks out to me and says "I must have this!"  So nothing for me today.  How about you? I was going to post about my new Werkshop crops and joggers but it's been super rainy and cloudy, so no sun for any photos.  Hopefully tomorrow! Define Jacket in Luon Suited Jacquard Ready To Rulu Pant in Running Luon Suited Jacquard Flow & Go Tight in Dark Carbon Fit Physique Bra in Hero Blue Sit in Lotus Sweater in Heathered Medium Gray High Times Pant in Line Up

USA / Canada Upload! October 11th 2016

Hello darkest magenta!  This color available in almost everything!  Trust me I am not complaining.  This color purple is one of my favorites.  I think it looks great on almost any skin tone.  It's not too dark of a purple and not too light either.  If money was not an issue I would probably buy one of everything in this color! Define Jacket in Darkest Magenta (sigh, if only I had a money tree this would be mine, saw it at the store tried it on and loved it) Essential Tank in Heathered Jet Set Blue Essential Tank in Heathered Chilled Grape Conduit Singlet in Darkest Magenta Ready to Rulu Hoodie in Jacquard Luon Spray Sapphire Blue I nsculpt Jacket in Heathered Deep Indigo Inspire Tight Brushed in Darkest Magenta High Times Pant in Fall Net Toxic Black (this is the dude of the week) Speed Tight IV in Darkest Magenta Embrace The Space Pant in Black (too bad this is $118! for sweatpants?) Flow & Go Tight in Darkest Mag

What We Love! February 19th 2016

Looks like they may discontinue In the Flow Crops soon?  They have a new successor called Flow & Go Crop coming out next week.  I am a big fan of In the Flow Crops, so I don't know how I feel about these new ones coming in.  The length looks longer and I really like the In the Flow Crops because of the shorter length.  What do you guys think?