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USA / Canada Upload! March 8th 2017

Nothing for me today. I really haven't spent much on Lulu so far this year. I did buy a few things in January but I calculated up the total and it came out to $223.78. For February I spent zero on Lulu because of my ban. So far March I've spent again zero dollars because I used a gift card to purchase my new Swiftly tank. I've actually spent quite a bit more at Athleta by comparison. So far a little bit over $400. I've also decided to sell a few more things on eBay. So far 2017 is looking good for my bank account! Anything for you tonight? Swiftly Racerback Viridian Green (Nice green, but I had something similar to this in the past) Swiftly LS Viridian Green Cool Racerback Viridian Green Re-form Jacket Blue Tied Re-Form Vest Dark Olive Free To Be Bra Wee Are From Space Nimble Battleship Smooth Stride Crop Heathered Black (this is actually kind of nice from the side but ruined it with the floating butt seam) What is up with that

USA / Canada Upload! January 31st 2017

Overall a nice upload but nothing for me tonight. The dark olive Scuba is tempting but I have too many hoodies. Midnight blue is also really pretty in the Swiftly but it's not a must have. If any of those end up on WMTM I'll reconsider. Did you get anything from tonight's upload before Frugal February? This is my 5th year doing Frugal February. It's always nice to scale back and not purchase my every whim. Gives me a month to appreciate what I already have. So for me, I'm not purchasing any new athletic clothing. I may have to buy some more work clothes however, but I don't spend a lot on work clothes so it won't be very costly. I prefer to buy my work clothes from Target. =) I do not ban myself from going out to eat with my husband because frankly he just won't go for that at all even if I wanted to. I also will allow myself to purchase books and other items I need like some new socks or underthings. I will be posting some reviews next month from

UK Upload! November 15 2016

Finally!  A new Vinyasa Scarf.  I think I may need to get this one.  I've been wanting a new scarf for the fall/winter season.  This will do nicely as long as the US gets it! Vinyasa Scarf in Mini Check Pique Heathered White Deep Breath Tight in Black Cherry Cool Racerback II Deep Breath Black Cherry   Deep Breath Crop in Black Cherry Swiftly Tech LS in Capri Black Define Jacket in Luon Variegated Knit Black Heathered (new textured Define.  Not sure if I like it enough to buy) Free To Be Bra in Desert Teal Cool Racerback II in Plum Swiftly Tech SS in Capri/Black Swiftly Racerback in Black/Jet Set Blue Swiftly Racerback in Plum/Black (I'm loving the new Swiftly colors.  I think I may need both!) 

UK Upload! November 1st 2016

Happy November everyone!  I love the beginning of a new month.  So we have the return of black cherry and a new electric coral print.  I think I can safely pass on both.  Black cherry is another version of bordeaux drama.  Maybe slightly better but it seems a little too dark for me.  We'll see though.  If it comes out in the Align Crop I might get them. Energy Bra in Down Pour Electric Coral Swiftly Long Sleeve in Black Cherry Define Jacket in Black Cherry Wunder Under Pant Hi-Rise in Noctural Teal Wunder Under Pant in Black Cherry Align Pant in Black Cherry Pace Rival Crop in Down Pour Electric Coral Run All Day Backpack in Shatter Weave Dust Coral Swiftly Racerback in Heathered Lush Coral

Store Try Ons! Speed Shorts Rose Blush, Swiftly Brave Olive LS & SS, Ready to Rulu Pant!

Happy Friday all!  Yesterday I went to the store mainly looking for 3 things, the new herringbone Define, brave olive Swiftlies and Ready to Rulu Pant.  Two out of three isn't bad I guess!  So here we go, the first thing I saw was the Speed Short in rose blush.  I think I may be addicted to this color. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in tops and bottoms unless otherwise noted. Speed Short in Rose Blush I can't seem to get enough of this pink dusty mauve/rose blush color.  Plus pink and green always look great together in my opinion!  Brave olive looks really good paired with the rose blush.   One negative so far is it sort of shows wrinkles easily, but I think after a wash and a nice fold it should be fine. The fit is true to size for me.  It made my bum look decent I think and it wasn't too baggy as some of the other Speed Shorts I've tried on.  So yes, I took these home with me.   Swiftly Short Sleeve in Brave Ol