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USA / Canada Upload! January 31st 2017

Overall a nice upload but nothing for me tonight. The dark olive Scuba is tempting but I have too many hoodies. Midnight blue is also really pretty in the Swiftly but it's not a must have. If any of those end up on WMTM I'll reconsider. Did you get anything from tonight's upload before Frugal February?

This is my 5th year doing Frugal February. It's always nice to scale back and not purchase my every whim. Gives me a month to appreciate what I already have. So for me, I'm not purchasing any new athletic clothing. I may have to buy some more work clothes however, but I don't spend a lot on work clothes so it won't be very costly. I prefer to buy my work clothes from Target. =)

I do not ban myself from going out to eat with my husband because frankly he just won't go for that at all even if I wanted to. I also will allow myself to purchase books and other items I need like some new socks or underthings.

I will be posting some reviews next month from January purchases that I haven't gotten around to shooting since I was away for most of January. February is also my birthday month (which is insane that I would do a ban but I'll allow myself to buy something nice in March).

Four hours to go before February! (at least for all of us on the east coast.) Here's to the next 28 days of being frugal! Who is with me?!

Cadence Crusher Tight Deep Blue (finally some color!)

(this makes me happy to see some low rise bottoms again!)

(this is color actually kind of pretty tempting)

(pretty but not a must have)


  1. I am also doing a frugal February 😀 luckily my Run for Cold vest in plum arrived yesterday (from WMTM) so I have that to tide me over 😉

    1. Very nice! I think I have enough to tide me over as well. Shop your closet!

  2. I'm with you! Between you and Agent Athletica, I've been convinced and I'm excited that there will be community support! I have two other big motivating factors: a trip to Spain planned for early March (YAY!), and the promise of a custom closet from my bf if I commit to reducing my clothes to fit into it. :) I've bought so many great pieces over the last 6 months, I'm excited to focus on what I have. I also think it will be healthy to evaluate how much stuff I buy out of FOMO vs really loving it. (Just me?) I'm also going to try to get rid of some things I don't love - I already ramped up my lulu sales, but this will just motivate me even more.

    1. Yay! Glad we have a nice sized group going. It's always easier when more people are doing the same thing. Feel free to comment whenever you're feeling the itch to buy something, I'll try my best to talk you out of it. Hehe. Luckily I started a new job and I'm not allowed to use the computer for surfing. Keeps the temptations away!

      A custom closet is a great motivator to purge! Go for it!


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