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Upload! August 11th 2020

Double post today! In case you missed it, Lululemon dropped their Seawheeze collection . Tonight's upload is fairly tame in comparison. The closest thing is probably the  Swiftly Tech LS Wash Shibori Stripe Midnight Orchid  which I quite like. If this was released in a tank, I would get one. A lot of ancient copper items. Not sure how I feel about that color. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I think it looks meh. I think the  Define Duffle Heathered Cassis  is really nice looking for fall. I want to see more items in cerulean blue! Nothing from this upload since I spent a pretty penny on Seawheeze items. 😅 Swiftly Tech LS Wash Shibori Stripe Midnight Orchid (I think this is really different. I approve.) Shift In Time Dress Dune/Light Chrome Love Tank Pleated Violet Verbena Love Tank Pleated Heathered Code Blue Love Tee Silk Rose Swiftly Relaxed Short Sleeve Cherry Tint Every Journey Hoodie Rustic Coral Non Stop Bomber Reversible Pink Fawn